US War Lobby Fuels Conflict In Russia, Ukraine, And Syria

Douglas Macgregor, a retired US Army Colonel and former Pentagon senior advisor, analyzes the US-Russia standoff in Ukraine; the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan; Trump’s failure [...]

On Contact: America’s War Machine

Chris Hedges discusses with Andrew Cockburn his new book, ‘The Spoils of War – Power, Profit and the American War Machine’. Cockburn’s book lays bare the naked lust for profit that is behind [...]

How Congress Loots The Treasury For The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

Despite a disagreement over some amendments in the Senate, the United States Congress is poised to pass a $778 billion military budget bill for 2022. As they have been doing year after year, our [...]

Students Are Pushing Colleges To Sever Ties With Military-Industrial Complex

By Ngakiya Camara and Kya Chen, Truthout. -

The violence wreaked by U.S. wars since 9/11 has been immense — more than 929,000 total deaths, including an estimated 380,000 civilian deaths. And the U.S. has spent a staggering $14 trillion in [...]

Bellingcat Funded By Contractors That Aided Extremists In Syria

By Kit Klarenberg, The Grayzone. -

Since its launch in July 2014, the self-styled open-source investigations website Bellingcat has cemented itself as a darling of mainstream Western media, with its dives into alleged Syrian [...]

Let’s Take The Profit Out Of Wars

By Sam Pizzigati, Counter Punch. -

In the 21st century, many of us are used to the murderous mass violence of modern warfare. After all, we grew up living it or hearing about it. The 20th century rates as the deadliest in human [...]

America’s Impressive History Of Bioweapons Attacks Against Its People

The Biden Administration, the mainstream media and pretty much all the politicians in our country continue to throw fuel on the Sinophobia fire initially stoked by former President and current [...]

What We Know About Bombs Being Dropped In Our Name

By Danaka Katovich, World Beyond War. -

At some point before the summer of 2018, an arms deal from the US to Saudi Arabia was sealed and delivered. A 227kg laser-guided bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of many thousands, was part of [...]

A People’s Guide To The War Industry: Portfolio Of Conflicts

By Christian Sorensen, Consortium News. -

Without looking at military adventurism through the lens of the corporation, analysts are bound to produce error-filled studies. For example, one analyst contended in an interview on The Real [...]

A People’s Guide To The War Industry: The New BOSS

By Christian Sorensen, Consortium News. -

To make more money, more and more aspects of life must be pulled into capital. This is why we see everything in civilian life being commodified, including food, housing, land and water. And this [...]

For Memorial Day, Here Is How We Stop All Wars

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

For Memorial Day week, Clearing the FOG speaks with David Swanson, the cofounder and executive director of World Beyond War, an international organization that is working to abolish all war. [...]

Disrupt Land Forces Week Of Action Begins

By Andy Paine, Disrupt Land Forces. -

It was Thursday afternoon peak hour in South Brisbane, soundtracked as usual by trucks rumbling down the busy thoroughfares of the area. But these were not the usual trucks, and the response to [...]

A People’s Guide To The War Industry: Bribery And Propaganda

By Christian Sorensen, Consortium News. -

Congress does not exercise effective oversight of the military-industrial-congressional complex. The average congressperson is clueless about the intricacies of war, espionage, and peace. The [...]

The Real Danger Of The Pentagon’s New Indo-Pacific Plan

By Simone Chun, Counterpunch. -

The Pentagon recently asked Congress for an astronomical $27 billion budget increase to support a massive military buildup in Asia  as part of its new Indo-Pacific plan, which calls for a [...]

What’s Behind The Biden Administration’s New $100 Billion Nuclear Missile System?

By Jeremy Kuzmarov, Covert Action Magazine. -

One of the more important tasks that the Biden administration will undertake this year will be to review the Pentagon’s nuclear weapons budget and modernization strategy. According to a 2019 [...]

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