Military Recruiters Don’t Belong In High Schools

By Sidney Miralao, Foreign Policy in Focus. -

Since the end of the draft in 1973, the U.S. has relied on an all-volunteer service to maintain its 1.3 million-member global police force. Over the years the military has used a number of [...]

New Publication: Countering Military Recruitment Campaigns Internationally

By Staff, War Resisters International -

WRI's new booklet, Countering Military Recruitment: Learning the lessons of counter-recruitment campaigns internationally, is out now. The booklet includes examples of campaigning against youth [...]

Army Recruitment Now Based On Student Debt

By Staff, -

The U.S. Army wants a 500,000 active-duty force by the end of this next decade, about 25,000 more than today. And preying on low income high schoolers is apparently how they intend to do it. This [...]

Military Recruiting And How To Confront It

By Pat Elder, -

By Pat Elder for Popular Resistance. The Pentagon is attempting to recruit somewhere around 227,000 troops this year, and they’re having one hell of a time finding them, even while they enjoy [...]

How To Counter Military Recruitment

By Pat Elder, -

By Pat Elder for World Beyond War - Countering military recruitment in the nation’s high schools confronts an ugly mix of a distinctively American brand of institutionalized violence, racism, [...]

U.S. Military Releases High School Testing Data

By Pat Elder, -

By Pat Elder for World Beyond War - Data released by the Department of Defense on August 1st shows the military administered its 3-hour enlistment exam to nearly 700,000 students in 12,000 high [...]

How To Counter Recruitment And De-Militarize Schools

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - U.S. military recruiters are teaching in public school classrooms, making presentations at school career days, coordinating with JROTC units in high [...]

Why Is My Kindergartner Being Groomed For Military At School?

By Sarah Grey, -

By Sarah Grey for Truthout - When he got home from Iraq, Hart Viges began sorting through his boyhood toys, looking for some he could pass on to his new baby nephew. He found a stash of G.I. Joes [...]

Peace Activists To Blockade War Ships

By Glen Milner, -

By Glen Milner of Global Zero Center for Nonviolent Action. Seattle, WA - Local activists will stage a water-based nonviolent protest against the glorification of weapons of war at the Seattle [...]

End Imprisonment For Conscientious Objection

After he turned 18 in November 2013, Arab Palestinian Druze musician Omar Sa’ad, who is an Israeli citizen, from Maghar in the Galilee, was called-up for conscription for 4 December 2013 - he [...]

Missouri Program Requires High School Students To Take Military Enlistment Test

By Pat Elder -

The ASVAB is the entrance exam themilitary gives to recruits to determine their aptitude for various occupations. The testalso is used as a recruiting tool in 11,700high schools across the [...]

New Law Sets Students Up For Military Recruitment

By Pat Elder, -

In Minnesota, new legislation radically changes graduation testing requirements, allowing high school students who fail mandated exit exams to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery [...]