Scheer Intelligence: Brave Boys Who Helped End The Vietnam War

By Robert Scheer, -

Decades after the end of the Vietnam War, the impact on both Vietnam and the United States is still felt. Yet few Americans are aware that the conflict, which killed several million people, ended [...]

‘Refusing To Serve In The Army Is My Small Act Of Making Change’

By Oren Ziv, +972 Magazine. -

As Hallel Rabin stood before the IDF conscientious objectors committee two weeks ago, the military body that decides whether or not she would be sent back to prison for refusing to serve in the [...]

Undercover Patriots

By Danny Sjursen, Tom Dispatch. -

It was June 20th and we antiwar vets had traveled all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the midst of a pandemic to protest President Trump’s latest folly, an election 2020 rally where he was to [...]

As Trump Threatens To Send Military Into Cities, Some GIs Refuse To Comply

By Candice Bernd, Truthout. -

Some National Guard and active-duty GIs are refusing to deploy to U.S. cities rising up against police-perpetrated killings, saying no to complicity in the repression of the American populace and [...]

National Guard Troops Refuse Trump’s Race War

Courage to Resist is currently assisting members of the National Guard who resisted Trump’s orders to violently attack people on the streets of Washington DC peacefully and lawfully protesting [...]

The Growing Outbreak Of Discontent In The US Military

By Clark A. and Antonio Balmer, -

It is a well-known feature of revolutionary history that the individual soldiers and sailors who make up the armed forces can be affected by the overarching mood in society and play a key role in [...]

Veterans For Peace Tells US Troops At Border Follow Your Conscience, Disobey Orders

By Staff, Veterans For Peace -

If you decide to follow your conscience and refuse to obey orders that you believe are illegal or immoral, you will not be alone. Veterans For Peace will support you, along with other [...]