Study Shows 39% Of Millennials Would Prefer To Spend A Week In Jail If Their Student Debt Was Wiped Clean

By Staff, -

“We want to give you a better life than the one we had.” This is a phrase many millennials have heard at some point during their life from their parents, especially with respect to today’s [...]

Millennials Are Dramatically Financially Worse Off Than Previous Generations

By Hillary Hoffower, -

They have an average net worth of less than $8,000, reported Abha Bhattarai for The Washington Post, citing a new Deloitte study. According to the study, the net worth of Americans ages 18 to 35 [...]

How Millennials Are Trying To Revive The Labor Movement

By Judith Lewis Mernit, -

By Judith Lewis Mernit for Portside - Generational labels are fraught with inconsistencies. Growing up is not, after all, a controlled experiment. But to the extent that millennial labels apply, [...]

Millennials Are Revitalizing Organized Labor

By Amy B. Dean, -

By Amy B. Dean for Aljazeera - Millennials are often made out to be selfish and individualistic, but they appear to be taking a greater interest in social movements and dramatic social change [...]

Why Millennials Don’t Vote and What To Do About It {aTV 007)

On Acronym TV this week, two individuals working to fix our Democracy in crisis. Christina Tobin is the founder and chair of Free & [...]