Labour Unions Protest Against Tim Hortons’ Reaction To New Minimum Wage

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TORONTO (CP) — Protesters rallied outside Tim Hortons locations across Ontario Wednesday to show support for employees after some franchisees made benefits and break cuts after a minimum wage [...]

States Blocking Cities From Raising Standards For Workers

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By Marni von Wilpert for Economic Policy Institute. On August 28, 2017, low-wage workers in St. Louis, Missouri, became the latest victims of state preemption laws. “Preemption” in this context [...]

Future Of Low-Wage Worker Movement May Depend On NYC Law

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By Max Zahn for Waging Nonviolence. New York City - Flavia Cabral doesn’t equivocate. She joined the fast food worker movement, she said, for a single reason: to put her daughter through [...]

Raising The Minimum Wage Is Not The End Goal

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By Richard D. Wolff for Truth Out - Once more with feeling, the old debate rises into the headlines and the talk show circuit: Should governments -- state, federal or local -- raise the minimum [...]

States Seeking To Preempt Minimum Wage Increases By Cities

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By Staff of National Employment Law Project. State legislatures around the country are attempting to bar cities and counties from passing their own minimum wage laws through “preemption” laws [...]

Minimum Wage Tracker

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By Staff of The Economic Policy Institute - The federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. In the absence of action at the national level, many states and localities have raised their [...]

Minimum Wage Of $15 An Hour Passed In Minneapolis

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By Staff of NELP and Fight for $15. Since the Fight for $15 began in November 2012, more than 40 cities and counties, and more than 20 states have adopted minimum wage increases. NELP estimates [...]

Inside Look At The First $15 Minimum Wage Campaign

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By Jonathan Timm for In These Times - Back in 2011, as the Occupy Wall Street movement was still spreading through the country, a smaller standoff was unfolding at Sea-Tac, the international [...]

Call For Global Unity On May Day

By James E. Rabbitt, III, -

By James E. Rabbitt, III. This May Day (Monday, May 1, 2017), workers worldwide are invited to participate in an unprecedented call for global unity demanding that all full-time workers are paid [...]

When Voters Approve Minimum Wage Increase, Corps Fight It

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By Editors of PRWatch - Voters spoke very clearly on November 8 when they elected to raise the minimum wage in Arizona and Maine, along with Colorado and Washington State. But those wins, the [...]

Workers Strike Back From Boston To Chicago

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By Fight for Fifteen. NATIONWIDE – Strikes by baggage handlers and cabin cleaners at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Uber drivers in two-dozen cities, hospital workers in Pittsburgh and [...]

Minimum Wage, Marijuana, Gun Control & Other Issues Win Voters’ Approval

By Liz Essley Whyte for the Center for Public Integrity. Despite massive losses for Democrats in races from the White House to governors’ offices Tuesday, those on the left celebrated some [...]

‘Tired Of Waiting’ For Politicians, Minimum Wage On Ballot In Four States

By Lauren McCauley, -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams - Voters, "tired of waiting" for federal lawmakers, will soon be casting their ballot in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington to raise the grossly [...]

The Real Living Wage? $17.28 An Hour – At Least

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By Julie Chinitz for Our Future - Fifteen dollars shouldn’t be too much to ask – or demand. In almost every state, a worker needs more than $15 an hour to make ends meet. Add in student debt, and [...]

Raising Minimum Wage Does Not Kill Jobs

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By Molly Cain for Talk Poverty - Raising the minimum wage would help a lot of Americans. It would raise wages for 35 million workers, bring 4.5 million people out of poverty, and reduce the wage [...]