Labor, Environmentalists, And Indigenous Unite To Defeat Mining

By Marisela Trevin, Left Voice. -

The people of the southern Argentinian province of Chubut are celebrating more than just the holidays this December. After a fierce struggle against a recently enacted zoning law that would have [...]

Why Thousands Of Serbians Have Been Rallying Against Rio Tinto

By Sofija Petrovic, SBS News. -

For two weekends in a row, thousands of demonstrators across Serbia have blocked major roads and brought the country to a standstill, concerned their land, water and air risk being [...]

Rio Tinto Workers Strike In British Columbia

By Roger Jordan, WSWS. -

Around 900 workers walked off the job at mining conglomerate Rio Tinto’s aluminium smelting facility in Kitimat and power plant in Kemano, British Columbia early Sunday morning. The workers, for [...]

Pueblo Of Zuni Blasts Administration’s Position Against Apaches

By Pueblo of Zuni, Popular Resistance. -

The Pueblo of Zuni would be remiss in this context to remain silent on the recent legal position taken by the Biden-Harris Administration's Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding Chi'chil [...]

Alabama Miners Reject Tentative Agreement, Continue Strike

By Madeleine Freeman, Left Voice. -

Striking mine workers at Warrior Met Coal overwhelmingly voted down the tentative agreement reached earlier this week between UMWA and the company. Workers will continue the strike until the [...]

Tribal Nations Fight Proposed Gold Mine Near Death Valley

By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times. -

Lone Pine, CA - Perched high in the craggy Inyo Mountains, between the dusty Owens Valley floor and Death Valley National Park, looms a rugged, nearly roadless chunk of desert terrain teeming [...]

USDA Pauses Land Transfer Of Oak Flat To Mining Company

By Levi Rickert, Native News Online. -

Washington, DC - Citing the Presidential Memorandum signed by President Joe Biden on Jan. 26 on tribal consultation and strengthening nation to nation relationships, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture [...]

Protecting The Peatlands

By Saba Dar, Briarpatch Magazine. -

In September, Kona Barreda, a teacher in the northern community of Air Ronge, was working on a lesson about “finding the courage” for her Grade 7 class when she came across a proposal from [...]

Mary River Mine Protesters End Blockade, Announce Next Steps

By Randi Beers, Nunatsiaq News. -

After a week of blockading an airstrip and road to an iron mine on north Baffin Island, a small group of protesters are packing up their tents. That’s according to protesters’ spokesperson [...]

Protesters Say Mine Expansion Ignores Nunavut Agreement

By Beth Brown, CBC News. -

Protests continue in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, on Saturday, as a two-week environmental hearing on an expansion at the Mary River iron ore mine wraps up.    At noon Saturday, around 50 residents [...]

Emotional Court Hearing Over Proposed Copper Mine At Oak Flat Sacred Site

By Debra Utacia Krol, Arizona Central. -

Opponents of a copper mine project that would obliterate an Apache sacred site east of Phoenix asked a federal judge Wednesday to stop work on the project. The group Apache Stronghold filed [...]

Corporations Battle Apache Tribes To Build North America’s Biggest Copper Mine

By Sue Lannin, ABC News. -

"This place is very holy and religious to us." Wendsler Nosie Senior, an elder of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, is describing his people's land, Oak Flat or Chi'chil Bildagoteel, in the Arizona [...]

Activists Occupy Site Of Proposed Lithium Mine In Nevada

By Kollibri Terre Sonnenblum, Counterpunch. -

On Friday, January 15th, two activists drove eight hours from Eugene, Oregon, to a remote corner of public land in Nevada, where they pitched a tent in below-freezing temperatures and unfurled a [...]

Indigenous Land Grab On The Horizon

By Madeline McClure, AFGJ. -

BHP and Rio Tinto, two of the world’s largest resource extraction companies, have earned themselves a solid reputation for obliterating native lands and communities throughout the world. Leaders [...]

Apache Stronghold Lawsuit Over Oak Flat Halts Transfer To Mining Company

By Apache Stronghold, Popular Resistance. -

Apache Stronghold, on behalf of traditional Apache religious and cultural leaders, placed a lien on Oak Flat on Wednesday, January 13, with the Pinal County Recorder’s Office.  The lien prevents [...]