Mining Corporations Flagrantly Plunder the Global South Without Consequence

By Nate Singham, Independent Media Institute -

The big driver of the world economy is a plundering process where powerful corporations loot the natural resources of low-income countries. These highly influential multinational corporations [...]

Corporate Trade Tribunals Used By Mining Companies Against Communities And Governments

By Manuel Perez-Rocha and Jen Moore, -

The right of foreign investors to sue governments in international tribunals is one of the most extreme examples of excessive power granted to corporations through free trade agreements and [...]

Welcome To Hell: The Peruvian Mining City Of La Rinconada

By Andre Vltchek, -

No one can agree how high above the sea level that La Rinconada really lies at: 5,300 meters or 5,200 meters?On the access road, a metal plate says 5,015. But who really cares? It is indisputably [...]

Disaster Capitalism In Brazil: Mining Greed Produces A Horrific Death Toll

By Vijay Prashad,   -

On January 25, 2019, a dam burst in the town of Brumadinho, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The dam was built by the iron-ore company Vale to store residue after the iron ore had been extracted. [...]

Protesters Closed The Road To Kaapelinkulma Gold Mine By Using Civil Disobedience

By Staff, -

In Valkeakoski, Finland, protesters closed the access to the mine by locking themselves on the road on early morning January 2nd 2019. The aim was to stop the preparatory works at the mine. The [...]

Global Looter: US To Take Afghanistan’s Minerals To Defray Costs

By Ariyana Love, Middle East Rising. -

The Companies of United States are planning to extract Afghanistan’s enormous reserves of valuable rare earth minerals, Reuters reported after U.S. President Donald Trump met with his Afghan [...]

After A Visit From The Council, Anti-Gold-Mining Activists Say They Will Fight Any Eviction Attempt

By Peadar O'Cearnaigh, -

Activists claim the official was not initially forthcoming. They say they noticed a man arriving in a hurried fashion in a white jeep. The man got out of his vehicle and then took photos of the [...]

Ecuador: Indigenous Cofan People Win Battle Against Miners

By Staff, -

The Indigenous Cofan people of Sinangoe in the Ecuadorean Amazon, have achieved a significant judicial victory after the provincial court of Sucumbios ordered a halt to all mining activities in [...]

Greek State Prosecutes 21 Environmental Defenders

By Dimitri Lascaris, The Real News. -

This is Dimitri Lascaris, reporting for The Real News Network from the courthouse in Thessaloniki, Greece, the second largest city in the country. We are here today for the first day of a trial [...]

Police Break Up Sit-In Against Canadian Mine In North Mexico

By Staff, -

Canada's Coeur Mexicana mining company had reached a deal with the people of Guazapares, but then proceeded to violate the terms of that agreement. A group of 130 security officers from Chihuahua [...]

Land Of Extraction: How The Carceral Institution Settled In Central Appalachia

By Stephen T. Young and Brian Pitman, -

Driving the roads of any small coal town settled within the central Appalachian Mountains, it is easy to see the beauty of the landscape. However, this beauty is concealed by lasting embodiments [...]

Mining Companies Sue Montana After They’re Told To Clean Up Old Projects Before Starting New Ones

By Matthew Brown, -

An Idaho mining company sued Montana environmental regulators on Friday for labeling the company and its president "bad actors" who should pay for cleanups at several polluted sites before [...]

Holy Ground Desecrated At Site Of Apache Resistance To Mine

By Wendsler Nosie, Sr., Oak Flat Tucson Support. -

On March 17th, a representative of the Apache Stronghold arrived to Oak Flat, Arizona and found that the four crosses of an Apache holy ground had been intentionally destroyed. Two of the crosses [...]

Meet Frontline Activists Facing Down Global Mining Industry

By Staff, -

Leaders from the frontlines of mining struggles in the Philippines, Colombia and Uganda travelled to the UK this November to expose the true costs of the UK’s extensive ties to the global mining [...]

Residents Conduct Independent Review Of New Mine: Find Faults

By Front Forty and Mining Action Group. -

STEPHENSON, MI — The Front 40 Environmental Group and the Mining Action Group (MAG) of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition (UPEC), working with regional environmental allies and fishing [...]