Minneapolis City Council’s Attempt To Defund Police Thwarted

By Scott Shaffer, The Appeal. -

Last month, the New York Times ran an article by Astead Herndon about politics and police in Minneapolis. By ignoring important context and details, Herndon painted a misleading picture of what [...]

Reclaimed Space Sprouts From Uprising’s Embers

By Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – Without waiting for permission, growers began planting vegetables and herbs in an empty lot on Lake Street and 17th Avenue. Their aim was to reclaim the dormant land on behalf [...]

Peavey Park Sanctuary Homeless Camp Evicted

By Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – A long-dreaded eviction of the sanctuary camp at Peavey Park took place today just after 6:00 a.m., an hour before sunrise. Minneapolis Park Police, Minneapolis Police, and [...]

New Month Brings Added Urgency To Minneapolis’ Housing Needs

By Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – Advocates for people without housing are meeting today outside of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board headquarters, hours after a sanctuary encampment in the Phillips area [...]

Sanctuary Camp Residents Pressured To Move

By  Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – Houseless Twin Cities residents have recently endured arrests, the trashing of their belongings, and violent actions at the hands of Park Police, whose participation in these [...]

Minneapolis: Anti-Racism Uprising Infiltrated By Extreme Right

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

The city of Minneapolis is where it all began. It is where the last drop fell on the surface of a proverbial overflowing lake, causing the dam to burst, consequently starting to destroy the [...]

Minneapolis Reneging On George Floyd Promises

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

At the height of the Minneapolis rebellion, a majority of the city council announced they would move towards “disbanding” their police force, in response to Black Lives Matter “abolition” [...]

Minneapolis: ‘Umbrella Man’ Was A White Supremacist

By Libor Jany, Star Tribune. -

A masked man who was seen in a viral video smashing the windows of a south Minneapolis auto parts store during the George Floyd protests, earning him the moniker "Umbrella Man," is suspected of [...]

Minneapolis Is Trying To Punish Transit Workers Who Wouldn’t Help The Police

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times. -

The Amalgamated Transit Workers union’s public support for the uprisings, and some members’ public refusal to do work that helps the police, sparked praise and inspiration around the country. As [...]

Minneapolis Organizers Are Building The Tools For Safety Without Police

By Jae Hyun Shum, Truthout. -

In 2018, members of the Minnesota grassroots groups Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective dropped a banner at Minneapolis City Hall. On it were two lists: on the left, three budget items [...]

Violence Towards Protesters Shows Why Many Want To Abolish Police

By Kim Brown, The Real News. -

Welcome to the Real News. I’m Kim Brown. After several sustained days of protest in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd on May 25th, the epicenter of this latest uprising movement, [...]

Minneapolis City Council Members Consider Disbanding The Police

By Hannah Jones, City Pages. -

If you’ve been tuned into the Minneapolis public safety scene, you know that for years, Reclaim the Block and other grassroots community groups have been asking the city to do one thing: stop [...]

Minneapolis City Council President Wants To ‘Dismantle’ The Police

By Nick Visser, Huff Post. -

Lawmakers in Minneapolis are planning to vote on the first slate of changes to police forces following the death of George Floyd, with some local leaders saying they want to “dismantle” the [...]

Action To End Media Bias Against Victims Of Police Violence

By Unicorn Riot. -

Protesters are gathered outside WCCO, where Bob Kroll’s wife Liz Collins works. Kroll is the president of the Minneapolis Police Federation with a checkered past. Organizers refer to “Bob Kroll [...]

Majority Of Americans Support Uprisings, Disagree With Trump

By Chris Walker, Truthout. -

As President Donald Trump threatens to invoke the Insurrection Act to use aspects of the U.S. military against Americans involved in the demonstrations in response to the killing of George [...]

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