Over 50 Line 3 Pipeline Protesters Arrested Outside Governor’s Residence

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot. -

St. Paul, MN – Over 50 water protectors protesting Line 3 were arrested, some violently, outside the Minnesota Governor’s Residence in St. Paul on Saturday, August 28, 2021. Those arrested were [...]

Prison Abolitionists Target Architectural Firm

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot. -

St. Louis Park, MN – Red paint and posters reading “No new jails” were plastered on the door of architectural firm Klein McCarthy at the beginning of the work day on September 9. Responding to a [...]

Water Protectors Shut Down Major US-Canadian Tar Sands Terminal

By Last Real Indians. -

Clearbrook, MN - This morning, Water Protectors erected multiple blockades at a major U.S.-Canadian tar sands terminal in Clearbrook, Minnesota in direct opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3. From [...]

Pressure Is Building On President Biden To Stop Line 3

By Margaret Levin, Minnesota Reformer. -

After walking more than 250 miles over 16 days, from the headwaters of the Mississippi River down to the Twin Cities, water protectors fighting to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline were met by [...]

Arrests Made As Water Protectors Rally At Governor’s Residence

By Resist Line 3, Popular Resistance. -

St. Paul, MN - On Saturday morning, hundreds of people participated in a march from the MN State Capitol to the Governor's residence led by pipeline resistance camp Camp Migizi. According to a [...]

Thousands Of Water Protectors Rally At The Minnesota State Capitol

By Resist Line 3, Popular Resistance. -

St Paul, MN - On Wednesday afternoon, more than 2,000 water protectors gathered outside the Minnesota State Capitol for the Treaties not Tar Sands Rally to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline and [...]

Despite Thousands of Protestors, Line 3 Almost Done

By Kristoffer Tigue, Inside Climate News. -

In the dense coniferous forests of northern Minnesota, they’ve shown up nearly every day to chain themselves to equipment and block traffic on roads, chanting “water is life.” Not a week has [...]

Water Walkers Headed For Minnesota Capitol

By Barbara With, WCMC. -

Water walkers bound for the Minnesota State Capitol left Backus, MN this morning after spending the night at the home of an ally along the route. The walk began last Saturday at the Fire Light [...]

Water Protectors Shut Down Line 3 Worksite

By Resist Line 3, Popular Resistance. -

Floodwood, MN - On Saturday July 10th, water protectors stopped construction for a full day on an Enbridge worksite laying pipe for the Line 3 pipeline. Two water protectors locked to each other [...]

Police Paid By Calgary-Based Enbridge Block Access To Water Protectors Camp

By Brent Patterson, Peace Brigades International - Canada -

The Giniw Collective has tweeted: “Hubbard County has escalated their repression — this is the roadway to our private property and our driveway. We’ve now constructed a barricade in front of our [...]

The Culture Of Vehicular Attacks: On The Murder Of Deona Marie Erickson

By CrimethInc, It's Going Down. -

On June 13, a driver attacked a demonstration in Minneapolis, killing Deona Marie Erickson. This is the result of years of right-wing efforts to normalize—and even legalize—vehicular attacks. Now [...]

Unanswered Questions Fuel Protests Against Police In Minnesota

By Sam Richards, Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – Since Winston Smith was killed nearly two weeks ago in a secretive federal raid, no video evidence or any names of officers involved have been released. Minneapolis has seen [...]

A Native-Led Fight Against Pipeline Construction Has Begun In Minnesota

By Sam Carliner, Left Voice. -

A native-led battle for the environment is being waged in Minnesota. On June 7, water protectors from the territories of the Anishinaabe tribes — which include members of the Odawa, Ojibwe, [...]

Treaty People Gathering Draws Thousands

By Darren Thompson, Native News Online. -

Mahnomen, MN—Thousands swarmed northern Minnesota over the weekend for the Treaty People Gathering, an event organized to stand against the ongoing construction of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement [...]

‘Treaty People Gathering’ Resists Line 3 Pipeline

By Alex Binder and Chris Schiano, Unicorn Riot. -

Northern Minnesota – As summer approaches, and the wet season moratorium is over, construction for the new Line 3 tar sands pipeline is ramping back up during early June. This increase in work [...]