Officer Indicted After Beating Man On Dash Cam Video

By Andrew Emett, -

Caught on a police dash cam video repeatedly kicking a suspect who had already surrendered, a Missouri police officer was recently charged with one count of deprivation of rights under color of [...]

Missouri Unions Add 47,000 Members, Putting Total At A 15-Year High

By David Nicklaus, -

The defeat of a right-to-work law in 2018 seems to have given Missouri's unions a boost. Their membership grew by 46,000 last year, bucking a downward national trend. The increase boosted the [...]

Radioactive Waste Could Be Killing Residents In Missouri Community

By Austin Price, -

In Bridgeton, on the northern edge of St. Louis County, Missouri, a fire burns underground in a vast landfill, creeping closer and closer to a pile of radioactive waste from the World War II era [...]

Artists Call For Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art To Drop Trustee Tied To $130 Million Lawsuit Over ICE Detainees

By Staff, -

Mariner Kemper, the CEO and chairman of the UMB Financial Corp (UMB Bank) and a trustee of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri—which was founded by his parents, R. [...]

How Missouri Beat “Right to Work”

By Nelson Lichtenstein, -

The most remarkable thing about last week’s rejection by Missouri voters of a right-to-work law enacted by the Republican-run state legislature was its magnitude. Not only did opponents crush the [...]

Republican Anti-Union Bill Goes Down In Flames In Missouri

By Matthew Chapman, -

On Tuesday night, voters in Missouri defeated Proposition A, a referendum which would have allowed a "right to work" law to go into effect in the state. This marked the first time a right to work [...]

Black Drivers 85% More Likely To Be Stopped By Police In Missouri Than White Drivers

By Lowenna Waters, -

Data released by the Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley on Friday showed that the disparity is at its worst since records began 18 years ago. Despite being less likely to be searched than [...]

310,567 Signatures Block ‘Right To Work’ In Missouri

By Judy Ancel, -

By Judy Ancel for Labor Notes - The results astounded everyone who thought they knew the Missouri labor movement: more than 300,000 signatures to repeal “right to work.” Thousands of union [...]

DOE Officially Marks SunShot’s $1 Per Watt Goal For Utility-Scale Solar

By Julia Pyper, -

By Julia Pyper for GTM - It's official. The solar industry has met the 2020 utility-scale solar cost target set by the Energy Department's SunShot Initiative -- three years early. The DOE's [...]

NAACP Issues First-Ever Travel Advisory For A State

By Ian Cummings, -

By Ian Cummings for Governing - NAACP officials say their recent travel advisory for Missouri is the first that the civil rights group has issued for any state. But the warning follows a recent [...]

History Has Good News For Today’s Student Protesters

By Lily Rothman, -

By Lily Rothman for The Times - In recent days, as protests over racial issues at the University of Missouri have resulted in the resignation of university president Tim Wolfe, and as thousands [...]

How Many Lies Can You Find In This Interview With Ferguson Chief?

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske, -

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske in The Los Angeles Times - Alan "Al" Eickhoff, interim police chief in Ferguson, Mo., took over the embattled department in March after former Chief Tom Jackson resigned [...]

Protestors Disrupt Mo. Legislature Opening Ceremony

By The St. Louis American, -

Protestors disrupted the opening ceremony of the Missouri Legislature at noon today, after holding a die-in around the rotunda of the state capitol. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder quickly ordered the [...]

Michael Brown Case Grand Juror Sues St. Louis County Prosecutor

By Robert Patrick & Joel Currier, -

A grand jury member’s lawsuit seeking a court order to speak out about the Michael Brown shooting investigation accuses Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch of publicly misrepresenting the [...]

Ferguson: Example Of Neoliberal State Violence Taking Hold Worldwide

By Henry A. Giroux, -

The recent killing and then demonization of an unarmed 18-year-old African-American youth, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri by a white police officer has made visible how a kind of military [...]

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