Turning King’s Dream Into A Nightmare

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

Martin Luther King Day has become a yearly ritual to turn a black radical into a red-white-and-blue icon. It has become a day to celebrate ourselves for “overcoming” racism and “fulfilling” [...]

Remember Direct Action As Part Of Dr. King’s Legacy

By Anton Woronczuk, www.therealnews.com -

By Anton Woronczuk for the Real News. Well, Dr. King was involved in a whole range of activities in the five years that separated the March on Washington and his assassination. And yet these [...]

What Can We Learn from MLK About US Elections

By Richard Moser, www.befreedom.co -

By Richard Moser for Be Freedom - The scale of our problems are far too great. There is far too much at stake. The problems we face are dangerous, deeply embedded, institutionalized. There is no [...]

50 Years Later We Still Must Reject US Wars

By Ajamu Baraka, www.ajamubaraka.com -

By Ajamu Baraka for AjamuBaraka.com. In his speech at Riverside Church, King not only criticized U.S. actions in Vietnam but identified the cultural pathologies at the center of U.S. society. “I [...]

Heed King’s Words On A ‘Revolution Of Values’

By Nancy Price, www.davisenterprise.com -

By Nancy Price for The Davis Enterprise - Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” of August 1963, delivered at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington, is the most widely [...]

Media Silence After Water Protectors And Police Clash On MLK Day

By Alexandra Jacobo, www.nationofchange.org -

By Alexandra Jacobo for Nation of Change - The National Guard and Morton County Sheriff’s Department violently clashed with protesters on a day we are supposed to remember a man who dedicated his [...]

Handcuffed For MLK Quotes @ MLK Memorial On MLK Day

By Matt Orfalea, www.medium.com -

By Matt Orfalea for Medium - Memorial visitors were enjoying my banners until I was approached by 5 police officers threatening to arrest me if I did not move the banners. My partner and I were [...]

On Martin Luther King Day: Revolutionary Love In An Era Of Trump

By Beverly Bell, www.truth-out.org -

By Beverly Bell for Truth Out - In the toxic political environment of the US, love is an act of protest. At least, that is what Dr. Martin Luther King, whose 88th birthday we celebrate Monday, [...]

Unanimous Jury In 1999 Civil Trial Found Gov Assassinated Dr. King

By Kirsten West Savali, www.newsone.com -

By Kirsten West Savali for Newsome - Though the United States government has wrapped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy in the American flag, waving his words to symbolize racial harmony and [...]

The Forgotten, Radical Martin Luther King Jr.

By Matt Berman, www.nationaljournal.com -

By Matt Berman for National Journal. Martin Luther King Jr. was not just the safe-for-all-political-stripes civil-rights activist he is often portrayed as today. He was never just the "I Have a [...]

Creating Truth & Transformation Drawing On MLK + 50

By Rabbi Arthur Waskow, www/theshalomcenter.org -

By Rabbi Arthur Waskow for the Shalom Center. The election brought an unexpected outpouring of the “Old American left-outs” – blue-collar white men and women –-- into a moment’s triumph. We [...]

When King Came Up Against Chicago Racism

By Staff, www.socialistworker.org -

By Staff of Socialist Worker - Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. and his Southern Christian Leadership Conference took on a new challenge: expose and overcome racial discrimination in [...]

Edward Snowden Invokes Martin Luther King To Defend Whistleblowing

By Melissa Chan, www.time.com -

By Melissa Chan for Time - Edward Snowden on Thursday invoked Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil disobedience to condemn the U.S. for how it treats whistleblowers, warning that others may [...]

Black Lives Matter Commandeers Denver’s MLK Day Marade

By Laura Bond, www.coloradoindependent.com -

By Laura Bond for The Colorado Independent - Roughly 2,000 demonstrators took control of Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day march, turning what they say has become a corporate event into [...]

For Black Lives Matter, MLK’s Kind Of Activism Isn’t Only Way

By Harry Bruinius, www.csmonitor.com -

By Harry Bruinius for The Christian Science Monitor - NEW YORK — In years past, the civil rights mantle of Martin Luther King Jr. was taken up by other charismatic leaders, political figureheads [...]

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