Money Is Made Up

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

Have you ever noticed how online capitalism cultists who condescendingly tell socialists they "just don't understand economics" are always unable to lucidly defend their own understanding of [...]

In Community We Trust

By the Schumacher Center for a New Economics. -

Frank Tortoriello was the owner of a popular deli on Main Street in Great Barrington. He turned to SHARE when he lost his lease and the bank refused him a loan to renovate his new location. But [...]

Ending The Privatization Of Money: Money For The People

By Mary Mellor, -

Local initiatives can lead to modest gains in sustainability, but not the large-scale transformation we need. Meeting that challenge will require, among other critical factors, substantial [...]

Forget Billionaires: Let’s Build Our Own System To Fund The Transformation Of Society

By Michael Edwards, -

“Gone to the Dogs,” Paul Higgins’ canine-friendly café in Carlisle, may seem an unlikely place to look for inspiration in transforming the ways we think about funding for social change. But [...]

The Wealth Hiding In Your Neighborhood

By Chuck Collins, -

You’ve probably heard about their offshore bank accounts, shell corporations, and fancy trusts. But this wealth isn’t all sitting in the Cayman Islands or Panama. Much of it’s hiding in plain [...]

New Currencies For A New Economy

By Juliette Legendre, -

When financial crises and recessions hit, regional and local economies suffer devastating ripple effects. As activists look to shield their local economies from some of the harsh impacts of [...]

The Public Banking Movement Is Taking Off In The U.S.

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Public Banks exist around the world. They are used to hold public dollars, such as taxes and fees, to keep the money local so it serves the public interest, instead of giving it to Wall Street [...]

Former Governor Of Bank Of Spain: Public Entity Should Create Money

By Staff, -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - Positive Money, the monetary reform group based in the UK, posts that Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, former governor of Bank of Spain, is now recommending [...]

The History Of Putting A Price On Everything

By Adam Gaffney, -

By Adam Gaffney for New Republic - In 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control, some 33,091 people died as a result of an opioid overdose. The final 2016 figure, there is little doubt, [...]

Prosperity Through Keystrokes: Understanding Federal Spending

By Steve Grumbine, -

By Steve Grumbine. It has long been known that our electoral system and methods of voting are corrupt, untrustworthy, and easily manipulated by less than savvy politicians, state actors, and [...]

Renegotiating NAFTA Is Putting Lipstick On A Pig

By Robert E. Scott, -

By Robert E. Scott for Economic Policy Institute. The first round of the Trump administration’s NAFTA renegotiations began in Washington wrapped up on Saturday. The negotiators will meet again in [...]

Sovereign Debt Jubilee, Japanese-Style

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for Web Of Debt Blog - If the Federal Reserve raises the fed funds rate to 3.5% and sells its federal securities into the market, as it is proposing to do, by 2026 the projected [...]

How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

By Michael Nevradakis, -

By Michael Nevradakis for MintPress News - 21 Jun 2017 – Day by day, we’re moving towards a brave new world where every transaction is tracked, every purchase is recorded, the habits and [...]

Move Your Money To The New Economy

By Staff, -

By Staff of New Economy Coalition - Banking Alternatives: Unlike Wall St. banks, which work to maximize profits for shareholders at the expense of communities and the environment, Community [...]

How To Cut Infrastructure Costs In Half

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for The Web of Debt Blog - President Donald Trump has promised to rebuild America’s airports, bridges, tunnels, roads and other infrastructure, something both Democrats and [...]

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