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Mothers Day

On Parenthood And Genocide

My son is nine months old, almost 10. He is beautiful. He crawls, quickly, babbling to himself like an old man who is late for an appointment. He pulls up on the furniture, taking his first sideways steps. Four months have passed since I’ve written this article, and an additional 4,500 children have been killed. Children like him. Beautiful. Meanwhile, American students, my students, protesting their murder, are being handcuffed and beaten — criminalized by the very same apparatus that arms this mass murder of children and their parents.  Sunday is day 218 of genocide and it is Mother’s Day in the United States. And it is a day, like the 217 that preceded it, of sadness and rage. It is also a day that we must act.

Groups Look To Bail Out Mothers, Caregivers In Pretrial Detention

Yolanda Johnson’s nightmare began in the summer of 2021. As she recalls, a former boyfriend pushed her around, hitting an area on her body where there were previous burns. She threw hot water at him and brandished a knife to get him to back away. “He was much bigger than I was, and I was trying to defend myself,” Johnson said in a recent interview. “I wasn’t really trying to stab him, but I poked him enough to back off of me.” No one called the police, and Johnson left. A few days later, she returned. “When I did come back, I guess the neighbor or somebody must have called and said that I was there, and they came and wrote my name, and took me in,” Johnson said.

Activists Blockade US Nuclear Ballistic Missile Sub Base

Silverdale, Washington - Activists blockaded the entrance to the US Navy's west-coast nuclear submarine base, which is home to the largest operational concentration of deployed nuclear weapons, in a nonviolent direct action the day before Mother's Day. Eight peace activists from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, holding banners reading “The Earth is Our Mother Treat Her With Respect”  and “Nuclear Weapons are Immoral to Use, Immoral to Have, Immoral to Make,” briefly blocked all incoming traffic at the Main Gate at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor in Silverdale, Washington as part of a May 13th Mothers Day observance. 

Mother’s Day Demonstration At Trident Nuclear Submarine Base

Washington State - Over 50 people were present on May 7, at the demonstration against Trident nuclear weapons at the Bangor submarine base.  Nine demonstrators blocked the main highway entrance into the base for about 10 minutes and were cited by the Washington State Patrol. At around 2:15 pm on Saturday, the nine demonstrators entered the highway carrying a large banner stating, “THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHER—TREAT HER WITH RESPECT” and blocked all incoming traffic at the Main Gate at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.  They were removed from the highway by the Washington State Patrol. All nine demonstrators were cited for violating RCW 46.61.250, Pedestrians on roadways, and released at the scene.

Grandmothers For Peace Call For End To Ukraine War This Mother’s Day

Duluth, Minnesota - As Mother’s Day approaches and the war in Ukraine rages on local activists with the Grandmothers for Peace want to call on women across the world to unite and re enforce the importance of peace. In 1870, a writer, Julia Ward Howe wrote the ‘Mother’s Day Proclamation’, which was a call to action asking mothers to come forward and unite in promoting world peace. Grandmothers for Peace want to remind the community of this proclamation in honor of Mother’s Day to continue to stand united against the war in Ukraine. “We think it’s important to raise this issue of peace because it is so important, we are very concerned as grandmothers for peace with the escalation of this war, we are always against war, there is a solution because we feel as civilized people, that war is not the answer,” Sharla Gardner, Grandmothers for Peace, said.

This Mother’s Day, Recognize Care Work Powers Our Economy

Mother’s Day is, at its core, about care. When we select Hallmark cards and order flower deliveries, we’re honoring the care provided by moms and other maternal figures. This Mother’s Day, though, marks more than a year into a pandemic that threw the disparities in our care system into stark relief. Women left the workforce in staggering numbers to attend to COVID-related caregiving responsibilities at home. This was disruptive for individual families and the economy at large. So this year, while of course we should celebrate our mothers, there’s much more to be done. Honoring our caregivers goes beyond individual gestures; it calls for a sweeping investment in care workers and services. Care isn’t a burden for women and families to shoulder alone. It’s the foundation of our economy, and it deserves to be treated as such.

Mother’s Day Is For Ending War

I remember when I was a kid, my mom and I rolling our eyes at Mother’s Day ads from stores

The Uplifting Magic Of Mother’s Day In These Perilous Days

As Mother’s Day approaches, the celebration of our Mothers is overshadowed by the mounting Covid-19 casualties. Donald Trump is incapable and unwilling to provide the leadership needed to deal with the deadly pandemic attacking our communities. While we cannot afford to slow efforts to challenge the President and our Members of Congress, it is important to take a bit of time and reflect on what our parents, and in particular our mothers, have done and continue to do for their families. I describe this sentiment in the Ralph Nader and Family Cookbook about nutritious food and its relation to our upbringings. My mother and father and their four children – two girls and two boys – all ate the same food. There was peace and time for family discussions at the dinner table.
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