Scotland’s Red Council

By Joe Cullinane, Tribune Magazine. -

As roads to socialism close nationally, the need for a municipal road to socialism is borne by those of us on the Labour left who are privileged to hold power at a local level. We may be few, [...]

The Liberatory Potential Of Local Action

By Brian Tokar, The Great Transition Initiative -

We are seeing an inspiring resurgence of progressive action at the local level, even as reactionary nationalist movements in Europe and beyond seek to position themselves as the true voices of a [...]

Fearless Cities: A Guide To The Global Municipalist Movement

By Steve Early, Popular Resistance -

Fearless Cities describes municipal reform campaigns in fifty cities and 19 countries. Its contributors include activists and elected officials in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England, Chile, [...]

Rebel Cities 18: Eight Years After Jasmine Revolution, Jemna Is Tunisia’s Oasis Of Hope

By Steve Rushton, -

Eight years ago on Monday, Tunisia's dictator President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country as the people declared a revolution that ushered in the Arab Spring. The struggle for democracy [...]

Municipalism In Venezuela Path To A Bottom-Up Economy

By Steve Rushton, -

The solution to the economic crises in Venezuela can be found at the very origins of the revolution: in bottom-up communalism. Venezuela has more than 1,000 communes: geographical areas bonded by [...]

How Woke Is The Left?

By Jonathan Feldman, Counterpunch. -

Is the left today “woke,” i.e. is it self-consciously learning from the limits of the path it has been on to design a new systemic architecture based on alternative, networked institutions to [...]