Why Black Women Are Often Missing From Conversations About Police Violence

By Alex Samuels, Dhrumil Mehta and Anna Wiederkehr, Five Thirty Eight. -

When Lajuana Phillips was shot and killed by a police officer in late 2018, she was a mother of three children, a daughter and a cousin who was described by family as “a hard worker,” according [...]

Another Man Of Color Was Murdered By Police Outside Of Minneapolis

By Left Voice. -

(April 11, 2021) - This afternoon, Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer and then left lying in the streets for hours in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis. Wright, age 20, was in [...]

Chauvin’s Lawyers Are Falsely Implying That Drugs Killed George Floyd

By Mike Ludwig, Truthout. -

Drugs have long been used to justify racist police-perpetrated violence, and the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the alleged murder of George Floyd on a Minneapolis street corner [...]

Rallies And Marches Mark Anniversary Of Breonna Taylor’s Killing

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams. -

Hundreds rallied in downtown Louisville, Kentucky and marched through the streets on Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of the killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman who was [...]

Hundreds Protest On The Eve Of Derek Chauvin’s Trial

By Adolfo Flores, Buzzfeed. -

A day before jury selection in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis calling for [...]