How CIA Got Away With Murdering Revolutionary Che Guevara

Latin American revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is seen in 1964.

By Ramona Wadi for Mint Press News – Che Guevara’s body was uncovered from beneath a Bolivian landing strip 10 years after his death, but the truth behind how his body ended up in that secret burial location wouldn’t surface for several decades. Ernesto Che Guevara’s words on guerrilla warfare become particularly resonant on the anniversary of his death on Oct. 9, 1967, when he was murdered at the hands of the CIA and the Bolivian government. At the time of Che’s murder, U.S. intentions were to stifle the internationalist aspect of the Cuban Revolution – an attempt not only to destroy Che, but also to weaken Fidel Castro. Decades later, Che remains a source of inspiration evoked by many including Fidel, and the Cuban Revolution remains committed to its aims and anti-imperialist ideology. Che’s dedication to internationalist revolutionary struggle had been evident from the early years of the struggle to bring down the U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. His inclusion in the revolutionary 26th of July Movement headed by Fidel was based upon an understanding that when the Cuban Revolution was consolidated, Che would earn the freedom to impart revolution wherever his efforts were needed. The sentiment was expressed in his farewell letter to Fidel, dated April 1, 1965, in which Che formally renounced his leadership positions and Cuban citizenship in order to pursue internationalist revolution elsewhere around the world.

Six Things To Know About Mass Shootings In America


By Frederic Lemieux for Conversation – America has experienced yet another mass shooting, this time at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is reportedly the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. As a criminologist, I have reviewed recent research in hopes of debunking some of the common misconceptions I hear creeping into discussions that spring up whenever a mass shooting occurs. Here’s some recent scholarship about mass shootings that should help you identify misinformation when you hear it. A study I conducted on mass shootings indicated that this phenomenon is not limited to the United States. Mass shootings also took place in 25 other wealthy nations between 1983 and 2013, but the number of mass shootings in the United States far surpasses that of any other country included in the study during the same period of time. The U.S. had 78 mass shootings during that 30-year period. The highest number of mass shootings experienced outside the United States was in Germany – where seven shootings occurred. In the other 24 industrialized countries taken together, 41 mass shootings took place. In other words, the U.S. had nearly double the number of mass shootings than all other 24 countries combined in the same 30-year period.

Environmental Defenders Being Killed In Record Numbers Globally

Activists call for justice in the case of Honduran indigenous environmentalist Berta Cáceres, who was killed last year. Photograph: Marvin Recinos/AFP/Getty Images

By Jonathan Watts and John Vidal for The Guardian – Last year was the most perilous ever for people defending their community’s land, natural resources or wildlife, with new research showing that environmental defenders are being killed at the rate of almost four a week across the world. Two hundred environmental activists, wildlife rangers and indigenous leaders trying to protect their land were killed in 2016, according to the watchdog group Global Witness – more than double the number killed five years ago. And the frequency of killings is only increasing as 2017 ticks by, according to data provided exclusively to the Guardian, with 98 killings identified in the first five months of this year. John Knox, UN special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, said: “Human rights are being jettisoned as a culture of impunity is developing. “There is now an overwhelming incentive to wreck the environment for economic reasons. The people most at risk are people who are already marginalised and excluded from politics and judicial redress, and are dependent on the environment. The countries do not respect the rule of law. Everywhere in the world, defenders are facing threats. “There is an epidemic now, a culture of impunity, a sense that anyone can kill environmental defenders without repercussions, eliminate anyone who stands in the way. It [comes from] mining, agribusiness, illegal logging and dam building.”

‘We All Know Someone’ Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women


By Mary Annette Pember for Rewire – “It’s a hard struggle when a member of your family passes away. But this Day of Awareness can mean that her memory will live on forever.” This piece is published in partnership with the Indian Country Media Network. You can read other pieces about the missing and murdered Native women in the United States and Canada here. On February 15, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC), the Indian Law Resource Center, and the Alaska Native Women’s Resource Center co-sponsored a congressional briefing in Washington, D.C., with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). The briefing, titled “Moving Ahead in Addressing Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women and Efforts to Address Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls…

Protesters In DC Confront Honduran President Over Berta Cáceres Murder

Human rights organizations have joined the family in calling for an international independent investigation into Berta Cáceres’ death. Photograph: Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters

By Lauren Gambino for The Guardian – Supporters and family members of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran environmental and indigenous rights activist who was assassinated last year, have confronted the country’s president in Washington to demand an independent investigation of her murder. President Juan Orlando Hernández traveled to Washington to meet with lawmakers on Tuesday and was greeted by protesters carrying signs with photographs of murdered activists and chants of “asesino” – Spanish for murderer. Cáceres was one of more than 120 land and environmental campaigners murdered since a military-backed coup d’état…

Trump’s National Security Adviser Facilitated Murder Of Civilians In Afghanistan

Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers / iStock.

By Gareth Porter for Information Clearing House – November 25, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Real News” – After retired Lt. Gen. Michael J. Flynn spoke at the Republican National Convention, The Washington Post captured the prevailing media view of Flynn in the headline: “He was one of the most respected intel officers of his generation. Now he’s leading ‘Lock her up’ chants.” Now that President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Flynn as his national security adviser, media coverage has given prominence to the more serious issue of Flynn’s denunciation of Islam as a “cancer”…

Opposition Leaders Murdered In Honduras While US Supports Gov

Getty Images

By Mark Weisbrot for The Hill – Since a 2009 military coup against the democratic government of President Mel Zelaya, Honduras has become the most dangerous country in the world for environmental and human rights activists. On Oct. 17, two more prominent rural organizers, José Ángel Flores and Silmer Dionisio George, were assassinated in Colón. Flores was the president of the Unified Campesinos Movement of the Aguán Valley (MUCA), and George was a well-known leader from the same organization.

Tragedy Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women In Canada

A missing-person flier featuring an indigenous woman from Canada. (Laura Robinson)

By Staff of Truth Dig – Alex Cywink speaks quietly about his sister, Sonya Nadine Mae, in a diner on College Street in Toronto. He’s taking a break from helping his friend with his fresh-fish stand at a local farmers market. Cywink was raised on Birch Island in Northern Ontario, which is part of the Whitefish River First Nation. He and his siblings grew up with a foot in two cultures: His father was Polish and worked on the railway;

ACLU Of Oklahoma Calls For Criminal Charges Against TPD Officers


By Bryan Newell for ACLU – We call today on law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies around the state and around the nation to condemn the murderous actions of the Tulsa Police Department. In a world where our government continues to prove how little regard it has for the lives and the dignity of black Americans, to remain silent is to be complicit. It is well past time for the good men and women who serve their communities faithfully to speak out, and condemn this murder of a defenseless black man.”

Colombia: 5th Afro-Rural Leader Killed Since Cease-Fire Began

A peace mural is painted near the road leading to Planadas, Colombia, where a peasant uprising in 1964 led to the birth of the FARC. | Photo: AFP

By Staff of Tele Sur – Social organizations are warning that peace will not be realized until right-wing paramilitarism is annihilated. Afro-descendent rural leader Nestor Ivan Martinez was shot twice and killed at his farm on Sunday night, according to social organizations from the central province of Cesar—the fifth rural leader killed in Colombia since the beginning of the cease-fire between FARC rebels and the government.

Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Shot And Found Dead

Darren Seals, top center, awaits the decision by a grand jury on whether to indict a police officer in the death of Michael Brown in November 2014. Photograph: Robert Cohen/AP

By Lois Beckett for The Guardian – Ferguson protest leader Darren Seals was found dead early Tuesday morning in a car that had been set on fire. Seals had been shot, and St Louis County police said they were investigating his death as a homicide. The 29-year-old’s death sent waves of shock and grief through the community of activists in Missouri who protested the police killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014. “We have lost a great champion of civil rights in our community,” said Bassem Masri, a friend who had live-streamed the Ferguson protests, sometimes with Seals walking behind him to protect him as he filmed.

More Murder, Arrests And Torture: Israeli Response To Uprising In Palestine

Evan Lang |

By Richard Hardigan for Counter Punch. Waleed was freezing. He was wearing only a thin t-shirt, and it was a cold March night earlier this year in his village of Awerta, which lies just outside Nablus in the northern half of the West Bank. The soldiers had come for him at two o’clock in the morning. Abdullah, his younger brother, had been awake, and when he felt the soldiers’ heavy steps and heard their loud voices speaking Hebrew outside their home, he rushed upstairs to warn the rest of the family. The element of surprise is an important tool in the home invasions the Israeli army conducts in the Occupied Territories. That is why the soldiers come at night. Most likely the residents will be sleeping, and they will not have time to hide whatever is they want to keep from the soldiers.

Canada Launches Investigation Into Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women

The commissioners will have the power to compel individuals to give evidence [Chris Wattie/Reuters]

By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours for Aljazeera – Toronto, Canada – Canada has announced the details of a long-awaited federal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Canadian Minister of Indigenous Affairs Carolyn Bennett said a national, independent commission would begin working on what has been described as a “national human rights crisis” on September 1. Bennett said the commission would have the “historic” ability to gather information across Canada and she thanked the indigenous families that have already shared their experiences.

Why We’re The Murder Capital Of The World

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.38.16 PM

By Jack Balkwill for Intrepid Report – One of the many important discussions we do not see in our corporate media is the question, “Why is the USA the most violent nation of earth?” The answer is complex, and follows in this article, but first I will attempt to make the case. The first thing I considered was to gather the latest data on murder rates per 100,000, and I did this for the ten major industrialized nations by GDP.

Disastrous Toll – 21 Latin American Journalists Killed In Past Six Months


By Staff of RSF – This disastrous toll is attributable in part to flawed or non-existent protective mechanisms but above all to the alarming level violence, corruption and impunity in most of the region’s countries – a region that is now one of the world’s most dangerous for media personnel. As in 2015, Mexico continues to register the biggest death toll, with nine journalists murdered in the first half of 2016. It is followed by Guatemala with five, Honduras with three, Brazil with two and Venezuela and El Salvador with one.