The Washington Post’s ‘Breakthrough’ On The MLK Murder

By William F. Pepper and Andrew Kreig, -

For the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder, The Washington Post last week overcame its tainted history of softball coverage and published a hard-hitting account quoting the [...]

At Least 197 Eco-Defenders Murdered In 2017

By John R. Platt, -

The deaths included farmers murdered by soldiers while defending their ancestral lands from coffee plantations in the Philippines; an indigenous leader allegedly killed by rebels in Colombia; and [...]

Colombia: Paramilitaries Kill Land Rights Activist

By Staff, -

Hernan Bedoya was the second activist from the group, Communities Constructing Peace, Conpaz, to be killed in 10 days. Another land rights activists, Hernan Bedoya, was killed by [...]

Investigation Links Berta Cáceres’s Assassination To Honduran Capitalists

By Staff of Democracy Now - We look at shocking revelations released Tuesday that link the assassination of renowned Honduran indigenous environmental leader Berta Cáceres to the highest levels [...]

How CIA Got Away With Murdering Revolutionary Che Guevara

By Ramona Wadi, -

By Ramona Wadi for Mint Press News - Che Guevara’s body was uncovered from beneath a Bolivian landing strip 10 years after his death, but the truth behind how his body ended up in that secret [...]

Six Things To Know About Mass Shootings In America

By Frederic Lemieux, -

By Frederic Lemieux for Conversation - America has experienced yet another mass shooting, this time at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is reportedly the [...]

Environmental Defenders Being Killed In Record Numbers Globally

By Jonathan Watts and John Vidal, -

By Jonathan Watts and John Vidal for The Guardian - Last year was the most perilous ever for people defending their community’s land, natural resources or wildlife, with new research showing that [...]

‘We All Know Someone’ Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

By Mary Annette Pember, -

By Mary Annette Pember for Rewire - "It’s a hard struggle when a member of your family passes away. But this Day of Awareness can mean that her memory will live on forever.” This piece is [...]

Protesters In DC Confront Honduran President Over Berta Cáceres Murder

By Lauren Gambino, -

By Lauren Gambino for The Guardian - Supporters and family members of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran environmental and indigenous rights activist who was assassinated last year, have confronted the [...]

Trump’s National Security Adviser Facilitated Murder Of Civilians In Afghanistan

By Gareth Porter, -

By Gareth Porter for Information Clearing House - November 25, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Real News" - After retired Lt. Gen. Michael J. Flynn spoke at the Republican National [...]

Opposition Leaders Murdered In Honduras While US Supports Gov

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for The Hill - Since a 2009 military coup against the democratic government of President Mel Zelaya, Honduras has become the most dangerous country in the world for environmental [...]

Tragedy Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women In Canada

By Staff, -

By Staff of Truth Dig - Alex Cywink speaks quietly about his sister, Sonya Nadine Mae, in a diner on College Street in Toronto. He’s taking a break from helping his friend with his fresh-fish [...]

ACLU Of Oklahoma Calls For Criminal Charges Against TPD Officers

By Bryan Newell, -

By Bryan Newell for ACLU - We call today on law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies around the state and around the nation to condemn the murderous actions of the Tulsa Police [...]

Colombia: 5th Afro-Rural Leader Killed Since Cease-Fire Began

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Social organizations are warning that peace will not be realized until right-wing paramilitarism is annihilated. Afro-descendent rural leader Nestor Ivan Martinez was shot [...]

Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Shot And Found Dead

By Lois Beckett, -

By Lois Beckett for The Guardian - Ferguson protest leader Darren Seals was found dead early Tuesday morning in a car that had been set on fire. Seals had been shot, and St Louis County police [...]

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