Hundreds Of Musicians Sign Onto Boycott Letter

By In Palestine Today. -

Hundreds of musicians, including members of Rage Against the Machine, have signed on to an open letter that asks other artists to boycott performances in Israel until it ends its occupation of [...]

Anne Feeney, Folk Singer And Political Activist, Dies At 69

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. -

Anne Feeney, the legendary Pittsburgh folk singer-songwriter and self-described rabble-rouser, has died of COVID at age 69. Her daughter, Amy Sue Berlin, shared the news in a Facebook post on [...]

No Music For ICE! Musicians: Pull your Music From Amazon This Holiday Season

By Staff, -

In an escalation of our NoMusicForICE campaign, we just issued takedown notices to pull our music from Amazon’s digital platform, and you can too. We’re calling on musicians & labels who oppose [...]

Oklahoma’s Working Class WoodyFest2019: Second Wave Of The Sixties

By Mark Maxey, -

(Okemah, Okla.) The hot humid days of July annually in Okemah rallies around their hometown socialist, Woody Guthrie. Okemah, a rural town of about 3000 citizens in northeastern Oklahoma.  July [...]

AfGJ Reviews Year’s “Best” Albums For Activists

By James Patrick Jordan, -

It’s that time of year when we look back on the old year while entering the new.  On the music front, there were many releases in 2017 to pique the interest of the socially and politically [...]

Chilean, Trained By School Of Americas, Guilty In Murder Of Singer

By Linda Cooper and James Hodge, -

By Linda Cooper and James Hodge for National Catholic Reporter - Nearly 43 years after the assassination of a famed Chilean folksinger, a Florida jury has found a former Chilean lieutenant liable [...]

Republican National Convention Perfect Place To ‘Cause Ruckus’

By Chad Childers, -

By Chad Childers for Prophets of Rage have played their first show in Los Angeles, with their second scheduled to take place Friday night (June 3) at the Hollywood Palladium, but [...]

Morello On Ferguson: ‘Not A Humanitarian; I’m A Hell-Raiser’

By Atlanta Jobs with Justice, -

By Brittany Spanos in Rolling Stone - Yeah, there are thousands of cases, countless cases of white police officers murdering unarmed black people and getting off scot-free. What happened in [...]

Rapper-Poet Akala: ‘Slavery Was Foundation Of European Capitalism’

By Dan Glazebrook, -

By Dan Glazebrook - Hip-hop, and the entertainment industry in general, is known more for encouraging artists to become one-dimensional caricatures of themselves than for nurturing a culture of [...]

Patti Smith’s Summer Of Rebellion

By John Nichols, -

By John Nichols in Bill Moyers - Patti Smith has electrified Europe over the past several weeks with a series of concerts that have been as politically bold as they have been musically rich. [...]

UK Police Scan More Than 100,000 Faces At Music Festival

By Joe Zadeh, -

By Joe Zadeh in Vice - This weekend’s Download Festival will be subjected to strategic facial recognition technology by Leicestershire Police, making those 100,000 plus attendees the first music [...]

Interview: Firebrand Records To ‘Fight On The Cultural Front’

By Michael Fox and Ryan Harvey, -

By Michael Fox and Ryan Harvey in TeleSur - Artist and activist Ryan Harvey, co-founder of Firebrand Records with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, gave teleSUR en exclusive [...]

The Ballad Of The Stolen Fiddle

By John Kelly, -

By John Kelly in The Washington Post - Don’t call the musical instrument that was stolen last week from Jimmy Betts’s car a “violin.” It’s a fiddle. “Fiddles are meant to be out and about in [...]

Killer Of Chilean Folk Singer Victor Jara To Face US Justice

By Alfonso Serrano, -

More than four decades after Chilean folk singer Victor Jara was tortured and executed in Santiago’s Chile Stadium, in the wake of the military coup that brought dictator Augusto Pinochet to [...]

Jazz As A Force For Peace & Freedom

By A. D. McKenzie, -

Against the backdrop of civil unrest in Baltimore, Maryland, the fourth annual International Jazz Day was celebrated with events around the world and appeals for peace, unity and [...]

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