Mutual Aid: Inspiration & Support for Disaster Preparation

By Mutual Aid Disaster Relief -

As we enter hurricane season in the Atlantic and fire season in the West, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is compiling tips for preparing communities to take care of each other in the spirit of mutual [...]

Man Builds Pantry Outside His Home To Feed The Hungry

By Mayukh Saha, Activist Post. -

To all those people claiming humanity is in shambles and moral values are dead — you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes, humanity has certainly taken some hits to the chest, but it is [...]

Newsletter – From Neoliberal Injustice To Economic Democracy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. This week, we will focus on positive work that people are doing to change current systems in ways that reduce the wealth divide, meet basic needs, build peace [...]

Replacing TrumpCare and ObamaCare with Co-opCare

By Paul Glover, -

By Paul Glover. Few are satisfied with America’s medical insurance system, but many resist abrupt change. Conservatives want smaller government and more individual responsibility. Liberals fear [...]

Neighborhood Medics Saving Lives In Chicago

By Shannon Hefferan, -

By Shannon Hefferan for WBEZ Chicago. The program is called Ujimaa Medics, or UMedics. Ujimaa means “collective work and responsibility” in Swahili. In 2013, the city’s inspector general [...]

NYC Shut It Down: Weekly Shut Down & Clothes For The Poor

By Keegan Stephan, -

By Keegan Stephan for Keegan NYC - On Wednesday, November 4th, before temperatures in NYC dropped to 4 degrees, and the mayor warned people to stay inside unless absolutely necessary, NYC Shut It [...]

Mississippi Wants To Punish 88 Year Old Doctor Who Treats Poor For Free

By Peter Holley, -

For the last two years, Landrum has been working without an office, but he’s happy to meet his patients wherever they are. Sometimes, the meetings occur in a home; sometimes they take place in a [...]

#GazaRebirth: New Paradigm For Recovery Activism

By Raincoaster, -

Besides the aid to Gazans, there are two outcomes we would love to achieve: One, establish a new way of providing emergency assistance which bypasses the NGO empires and paternalistic controls [...]

Grandma’s Tiny Home Shed, Gives Daughter’s Family A Home

By Kimberley Mok, -

Many people have been moving into smaller homes for a host of reasons: it could be a conscious change toward a simpler lifestyle, it could be a way to avoid paying all the bills and taxes [...]

Across Latin America: Struggle for Communal Land & Indigenous Autonomy

By Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F., -

"We recognize that we must confront the plundering by transnational companies and the harassment of bad governments through their political parties that offer programs and money that corrupt many [...]

Underground Networks Spring Up to Help Migrant Kids in US

By Laura Sánchez, -

Priests, shopkeepers, doctors, lawyers, activists and even artists are among those who make up a network that is starting to spring up in the United States to help migrant kids – but they must [...]

Village Where People Come Before Profit

By Jen Wilton, -

In the south of Spain, the street is the collective living room. Vibrant sidewalk cafes are interspersed between configurations of two to five lawn chairs where neighbors come together to chat [...]

Occupy Founders Launch The After Party in Detroit

Some of the founding members of the occupy movement are launching a new political party – THE AFTER Party. Carl [...]

The Occupy Sandy Network: Still Working Tirelessly For A Just Recovery


In the eighteen months since Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast and forced the entire region to rethink our way of life, people on the front lines of the recovery effort have been working [...]

Grassroots Organizing Rescued West Virginia’s Water Crisis

By Dana Kuhnline, -

Only a few hours after news of the spill began trickling out, a grassroots group called WV Clean Water Hub had already begun organizing water deliveries through its Facebook page. That quickly [...]

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