Nabisco Strike Ends: BCTGM Members Overwhelmingly Accept New Contract

Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) working for Nabisco/Mondelez in Portland, Ore., Aurora, Colo., Richmond, Va., Chicago, Ill. and [...]

Striking Cookie Workers Refuse To Crumble

By Roberta Wood, People's World. -

Chicago - “We’re just tired!” April Flowers-Lewis told a rally in support of striking Mondelez workers*.* It’s not hard to see why the folks who make the nation’s cookies and crackers are [...]

Nabisco Owner Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter To Baker’s Union

By Sophie Peel, Williamette Week. -

The Nabisco strike that began when union bakers walked out of the Oreo and Ritz factory along Northeast Columbia Boulevard on Aug. 10 continues to fester—but Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez [...]

Nabisco Strikes Demonstrate Growing Strength Of The Labor Movement

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout. -

Confronted with management’s burdensome demands for contract concessions, Nabisco workers in Portland, Oregon, instigated a strike last month that has rapidly taken on national proportions. Since [...]

Strike At Portland Nabisco Bakery Spreads To Five Other Facilities

By Jamie Goldberg, Oregon Live. -

Oregon - A strike that began at the Nabisco bakery in Northeast Portland on Aug. 10 has spread to five other facilities across the United States and gained national attention with both [...]

Nabisco Workers In Georgia On Strike

BCTGM International President Anthony Shelton issued the following statement in support of members of BCTGM Local 42 (Atlanta, Ga.) who are on strike against Nabisco in Norcross, Ga.: “Early [...]

Chicago Nabisco Workers Join Strike In Four US States

By James Martin, WSWS. -

Over 1,000 workers are now currently on strike against Nabisco and its parent company, Mondelez International, Inc., part of a growing rebellion of workers in multiple industries. Over 200 [...]

Nabisco Workers Are Striking For Normal Hours

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, Portside. -

A strike that began at a Nabisco factory in Portland, Oregon last week has now spread across the country to Nabisco facilities in Aurora, Colorado, and Richmond, Virginia, where Oreos, Ritz [...]

Nabisco Workers Are Now Striking In Oregon, Colorado And Virginia

By Popular Resistance. -

“Earlier today, members of Local 358 at the Nabisco Bakery in Richmond joined their Brothers and Sisters in Portland, Ore. and Aurora, Col. in striking Nabisco. In all three locations, our [...]