As COVID19 Spikes, Blackfeet Leaders Close Entrances To Glacier Park

By Chris Aadland, Montana Free Press. -

Blackfeet Nation leaders, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, have decided to keep the eastern entrances to Glacier National Park closed for the rest of the tourism season. The Blackfeet [...]

Groups Fight To Keep Desert National Wildlife Refuge Intact

By Roz Brown, Public News Service. -

Las Vegas - Conservation groups say Nevada eventually could lose its Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas if Congress approves a request from the U.S. Air Force to expand its [...]

National Park Service Rule Change Threatens First Amendment Rights In Capital

By John Zangas, -

Washington, DC– The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed rule changes that, if enacted, would limit the duration of protests at parks in the National Capitol Region. The rule changes include [...]

Landscapes Of Dispossession: National Park Service At 100 Years

By Nick Alexandrov, -

By Nick Alexandrov for Counter Punch - Late June, late afternoon. I speed the rental westward on CA-120, past where Jeffrey pines loom, then brake at Mono Lake. The sun falls to the Sierra [...]

History of Violent Displacement Created National Parks

By Julian Brave NoiseCat, -

By Julian Brave NoiseCat in The Huffington Post - Tuesday marked the 99th anniversary of the National Park Service, perhaps the most-loved division of the federal government. For many Americans, [...]