Israeli Authorities Still Feel The Sting From Ahed Tamimi’s Slap

By Miko Peled, -

NABI SALEH, PALESTINE  — “All Palestine’s Children are Ahed Tamimi,” Nariman Tamimi said in an interview after the much-publicized mother and daughter were released from an Israeli prison on July [...]

BDS: How A Controversial Non-Violent Movement Has Transformed The Israeli-Palestinian Debate

By Nathan Thrall, -

The movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel – known as BDS – has been driving the world a little bit mad. Since its founding 13 years ago, it has acquired nearly as many [...]

‘Resist Apartheid:’ Thousands Rally Against Israel’s Nationality Bill

By Staff, -

Thousands rallied in Tel Aviv, Israel's capital, to reject the controversial Nationality Bill, approved by the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in July. The march was led by Palestinian Israelis [...]

Dare To Dream Of A World Without Borders

By Gary Younge, -

Imagine that Martin Luther King never had a dream. Imagine that instead of working outside the narrow confines of time and place, he had resolved to work only within them. Imagine he had risen to [...]

Ten Years In Palestine, Lessons Learned

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, -

It has been ten years since I returned to Palestine after living in the US for nearly three decades. Those ten years in Palestine have been truly phenomenal and inspirational despite the pain and [...]

Russia Is Our Friend

By David Swanson, -

Last May I was in Russia when fascists held a rally in my hometown of Charlottesville, not to be confused with their larger rally which followed in August. At the May rally, people shouted [...]

11 Years Of Blockade: How Despair Has Made Gaza Unlivable

By Staff, -

In 2012 the United Nations published a report claiming the Gaza Strip would be unliveable by the year 2020. Five years later, after the summer 2014 full-on Israeli military assault against the [...]

Nicaragua’s Sovereign National Dialogue & Peace Must Be Guarded Against Foreign Interference

By Staff, -

The escalation in Nicaragua has drawn more attention from the popular and peace forces in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the entire world. The signs of foreign interference, in [...]

Ahed Tamimi: ‘I Am A Freedom Fighter. I Will Not Be The Victim’

By Oliver Holmes and Sufian Taha, -

The teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has said she used her eight months in prison as an opportunity to study international law and hopes to one day lead cases against Israel in [...]

Ahed Tamimi And Her Mother Are Freed From Jail

By Ray McGovern, -

When they left prison on Sunday Ahed Tamimi and her mother Nariman received a hard-earned heros’ welcome from Palestinians and others opposed to Israel’s occupation and colonization of [...]

Warm Welcome Greets Ahed And Nariman Tamimi Upon Their Release From Israeli Prison

By Staff, -

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, 17, and her mother, Nariman Tamimi, were released from Israeli occupation prisons in the morning of Sunday, 29 July 2018 after serving eight-month prison sentences. [...]

Let Me Tell You What Forced Separation Feels Like

By Nicole Braun, -

The recent images of immigrant children in cages are incredibly painful to digest. Still, many people seem to forget that the U.S. has a long track record of forcibly separating families, whether [...]

Why I Walked Off My Birthright Israel Trip

By Risa Nagel, -

“I could live with having my home being destroyed once a year,” Awdah Al-hathalean tells me as he paces around the International Community Center of Umm Al-Khair, a Palestinian Bedouin village in [...]

Nordic Countries Show State Ownership Works

By Matt Bruenig, -

Neal Meyer has a piece at Jacobin where he seeks to define the phrase “democratic socialism.” I had a similar post in late June here at People’s Policy Project. Overall, Meyer’s piece is fine as [...]

Gaza’s ‘Incendiary Kites Unit’ To Escalate Fires Until Siege Lifted

By Staff, -

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The "incendiary kites unit" of the Gaza Strip announced on Wednesday that the amount of incendiary kites and balloons targeting Israeli areas surrounding Gaza would increase [...]