Puerto Rico’s Demand For Independence More Alive Than Ever

By Nuria Barbosa León, En.granma.cu -

Puerto Rico’s demand for independence was reaffirmed by the patriot Oscar López Rivera recently, insisting that this is the inalterable demand of the island’s people. In statements to Granma [...]

Independence Trial Protest Organizers Celebrate A “Historic” March In Madrid

By Staff, Catalannews.com -

Organizers of the protest against the Catalan trial have celebrated a “historic” march in Madrid in a “context of political repression”. For the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) president Elisenda [...]

Progressives Should Support Open Borders — With No Apology

By Khury Petersen-Smith, Fpif.org -

When President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union Address that “wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders, while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards,” it [...]

Burnt Tires & Clashes With Police As Pro-Independence Protests Grip Catalonia

By Staff, Rt.com -

Pro-independence activists in Catalonia are venting their anger at Madrid’s trial of the region’s provincial leaders. Baton-wielding police scuffled with some of the demonstrators as people also [...]

Who Are The 12 Catalan Leaders Facing Years In Prison?

By Staff, Aljazeera.com -

More than a year has passed since Catalonia's regional parliament voted to declare independence from Spain following a contested referendum that saw Spanish police violently disperse Catalan [...]

Ilhan Omar Under Attack For Telling Truth About Israel Lobby

By Ali Abunimah, Electronicintifada.net -

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is under fierce attack from Chelsea Clinton and other Republican and Democratic establishment figures for voicing a fundamental truth: much of Congress is [...]

“Largest Land Grab Since 1948” — Israel To Expel 36,000 Palestinians From Negev

By Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews.com -

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — According to an Israeli media report, the Israeli government has completed work on a massive, far-reaching plan that would expel an estimated 36,000 Palestinians from [...]

France’s Red Scarves: Ready-Made Counter-Protest And New Media Darlings

By Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews.com -

PARIS — As the “Yellow Vest,” or Gilet Jaunes, protest in France continues to perplex and concern the French government and European elites, a new “counter-protest” has emerged in response to the [...]

Solidarity And Support For Zapatista Resistance And Autonomy

By Staff, Solidarityfrombelow.org -

We, intellectuals, academics, artists, activists and others in solidarity, as well as organizations, associations and collectives from across the world, express our solidarity with the Zapatista [...]

Time To Break The Silence On Palestine, Even If The Zionists Might Threaten You

By Philip Weiss and James North, Mondoweiss.net -

Everyone is talking about one thing this morning, the outstanding piece by Michelle Alexander in the New York Times, yes, the New York Times, titled, “Time to Break the Silence about Palestine,” [...]

Twitter Up In Arms After Trudeau Says He’ll ‘Continue To Condemn BDS’

By Staff, Rt.com -

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has doubled down on his condemnation of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel in comments that have drawn the ire of Twitter [...]

Israel’s Plan To ‘Worsen Conditions’ For Palestinian Prisoners Is An Opportunity For Unity

By Ramona Wadi, Middleeastmonitor.com -

Depriving Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails of their basic rights is a “moral duty”, according to Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. News reports have confirmed that the [...]

Need To Solve A Border Dispute? Look To Ethiopia Or Uzbekistan

By Nick Megoran, Theconversation.com -

Border disputes have recently taken on renewed importance, threatening political crisis in the UK, US and EU. Yet 2018 saw positive steps towards resolving some of the world’s most difficult [...]

Respect Venezuela’s Sovereignty – A Response To The Lima Group

By Francisco Dominguez, Tortillaconsal.com -

On 4th January 2019, the so-called "Lima Group" (12 Latin American governments and Canada) issued a statement which represents a gross interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivian [...]

One Sixth Of World’s People Want To Flee Their Home Countries

By Eric London, Wsws.org -

The world is pulsing with hundreds of millions of people desperate to flee their homes under the weight of the crisis of world capitalism. According to a recent Gallup study, a sixth of the [...]