A History Of Nationalization In The United States: 1917-2009

By Thomas Hanna, Thenextsystem.org -

Climate change is an unprecedented global social, political, and economic crisis. Without drastic action, the United States will likely experience rising sea levels that will regularly flood [...]

Time Has Come To Nationalize The US Fossil Fuel Industry

By Carla Santos Skandier, Roarmag.org -

As we gear up for a war-type of mobilization to mitigate the climate crisis, a federal takeover of the oil, gas and coal industry should be on the table. No other generation understands better [...]

Nationalizing The Banks Is A Popular Demand, So Let’s Demand It

By Glen Ford, blackagendareport.com -

I’m honored to be among the folks that Paul Street invited to think with him about what an “authentic” left would look like in the United States. It’s something that many of us think about all [...]

Argument For Energy Nationalization

By Bruce Lesnick, www.truth-out.org -

When it comes to climate change (and other struggles), there is ample evidence that we won't be able to accomplish what is necessary under the current economic framework. But people are [...]