Teachers Should Not Do These When Educating Native Youth

By Sarah Sunshine Manning, www.indiancountrymedianetwork.com -

By Sarah Sunshine Manning for Indian Country Today - American Indian and Alaska Native students remain a very special and uniquely vulnerable population, often suffering from educational [...]

Burial Mounds: Earthen Records Of Wisconsin’s Native Peoples

By Mary Louise Schumacher, www.m.jsonline.com -

By Mary Louise Schumacher for Journal Sentinel - An incomparable aspect of our state's culture came under attack when a bill was proposed to make it easier for landowners to excavate and perhaps [...]

Protests To Defend Penobscot Nation Of Ancestral Waterway Rights

By Levi Rickert, www.nativenewsonline.net -

By Levi Rickert in Native News Online - Last night, Monday, September 28, a small group of Native people and a large group of allies came together to speak out against the perpetuation of [...]