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Russia Launches Criminal Probe Into US, NATO For ‘Financing Terrorism’

The Russian Investigative Committee announced on 10 April it had opened a criminal case against high-ranking officials from the US and other NATO countries for financing terrorism following the attack at a concert hall in Moscow that killed 143 people last month. The committee said that some of the funding for terrorist attacks in Russia allegedly came from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, which has links to the family of US President Joe Biden. "It has been established that the funds received through commercial organizations, in particular the Burisma Holdings oil and gas company that is operating in Ukraine, have been used over the past few years to carry out terrorist acts in Russia."

Meet Centuria, Ukraine’s Western-Trained Neo-Nazi Army

Centuria, an ultra-violent Ukrainian Neo-Nazi faction, has cemented itself in six cities across Germany, and is seeking to expand its local presence. According to Junge Welt, a Berlin-based Marxist daily, the Nazi organization’s growth has been “unhindered by local security services.” Junge Welt traces Centuria’s origins to an August 2020 Neo-Nazi summit “at the edge of a forest near Kiev.” There, an ultranationalist named Igor “Tcherkas” Mikhailenko demanded the “hundreds of mostly masked vigilante fighters present,” who were members Kiev’s fascistic National Militia, “make sacrifices for the idea of ‘Greater Ukraine.’”

The French Road To Nuclear War

Europe needs to understand that France is leading it down a path of inevitable self-destruction. The American people need to understand that Europe is leading them to the cusp of nuclear annihilation. Since Russian leaders may suspect that Macron is working hand in glove with Washington, the U.S. needs to make its position publicly and unambiguously clear. And if France and the Baltics insist on sending troops into Ukraine, it must also be made clear that such action has no NATO mandate; that Article 5 will not be triggered by any Russian retaliation; and that the U.S. nuclear arsenal, including those nuclear weapons that are part of the NATO deterrent force, will not be employed as a result of any Russian military action against French or Baltic troops.

1999 War On Yugoslavia Opened Path To U.S.-NATO Aggression

Serbian internationalists in the New York City area called for a symbolic demonstration on Sunday, March 24, in front of the United Nations headquarters to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the U.S.-NATO war on Yugoslavia. They scheduled the action between 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at First Avenue and 43rd Street at Ralph Bunche Park. The organizers support self-determination, not just for Serbia but also for the multinational country of Yugoslavia, which NATO bombs shattered for 78 days starting on March 24, 1999.

War Games In Arctic: What’s Driving The West’s New Passion?

Two unprecedented military exercises are being conducted by the US and its NATO allies simultaneously in various parts of the Arctic, signaling a new aggressive stance by the West in the region. Thirteen NATO countries participated this week in the Nordic Response 2024 exercise held in Finland and Sweden, near the border with Russia. Additionally, the US Army recently conducted a training event near Fairbanks, Alaska, also close to Russia's borders. The US exercise was conducted within the framework of the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center (JPMRC) and involved 8,000 American servicemen from the 11th Airborne Division and an unspecified smaller number of “foreign allies.”

Ukraine Conflict At Two Years: Weapons Expert Warns Of Nuclear War

"Nobody thought the conflict in Ukraine would last this long," states Scott Ritter, a former Marine intelligence officer and weapons inspector, as the second anniversary of Russia's special military operation is reached. Ritter predicts that the conflict will end within the year, but there are no positive outcomes. He warns that Ukraine will cease to exist, NATO will disband or alter fundamentally and the risk of nuclear war is high. Ritter also discusses the resignation of Victoria Nuland, revelations from the leaked conversation by German military officers and how the façade of US military dominance has been shattered by events in Ukraine and Western Asia.

France Aims To Organize NATO Members Willing To Send Soldiers To Ukraine

France is trying to build a military alliance of NATO member countries willing to send their armed forces to Ukraine, adopting a polar opposite position to a more cautious Germany, US media outlet Politico reported. Although most European countries, including Germany and the Czech Republic, are reluctant to send troops to Ukraine, the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are more open to the idea, reported Politico. Meanwhile Poland, which was initially reluctant, now appears to be changing its position. The foreign affairs minister of the new government of Poland, Radosław Sikorski, declared earlier this week that “the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine is not unthinkable,” repeating Macron’s sentiments.

The Russians In Ukraine

You may have read or heard about the freakout that ensued after Emmanuel Macron convened a summit of European leaders in Paris last week. At a press briefing afterward, the French president allowed that NATO may at some point send troops to Ukraine to join the fight against Russian military forces. Before I go further, let me suggest a couple of thoughts readers can tuck somewhere in the corners of their minds for later consideration. One, Russia’s intervention in Ukraine two years ago last month was unprovoked. Two, all the Kremlin’s talk about the threat of NATO hard by its southwestern border is nothing more than the distortion and paranoia of “Putin’s Russia,” as we must now refer to the Russian Federation.

The West’s Reckoning?

Western leaders are experiencing two stunning events: defeat in Ukraine, genocide in Palestine. The first is humiliating, the other shameful. Yet, they feel no humiliation or shame. Their actions show vividly that those sentiments are alien to them – unable to penetrate the entrenched barriers of dogma, arrogance and deep-seated insecurities. The last are personal as well as political. Therein lies a puzzle.  For, as a consequence, the West has set itself on a path of collective suicide. Moral suicide in Gaza; diplomatic suicide – the foundations laid in Europe, the Middle East and across Eurasia; economic suicide – the dollar-based global financial system jeopardized, Europe deindustrializing. It is not a pretty picture.

The Minds Of Desperate Men

With these words, William Shakespeare, the immortal bard, captures the psychology of men who, believing they are confronted with a situation for which there is no hope of resolving, undertake actions that will inevitably lead to their death. Although set in 14th century Mantua, Italy, Shakespeare’s tragedy could easily have been transported in time to present day France, where French President Emmanuel Macron, in the role of a modern Romeo, after learning of the demise of his true love, Ukraine, decides to commit suicide by encouraging the dispatch of NATO troops to Ukraine to confront Russia militarily.

Putin’s Nuclear Warning Is Direct And Explicit

The specter of Armageddon has been raised often enough during the two-year old war in Ukraine that the reference to it in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of the union address on Thursday had a familiar ring about it. Therein lies the risk of misjudgement on the part of the Western audience that Putin was only “crying wolf”. Three things must be noted at the outset. First, Putin has been explicit and direct. He is giving advance notice that he is obliged to respond with nuclear capability if the Russian statehood is threatened. Eschewing innuendos or dark hints, Putin actually made a sombre declaration of epochal significance.

NATO Debates Whether To Conventionally Intervene In Ukraine

French President Macron hosted over 20 fellow European leaders in Paris on Monday to discuss their next moves in Ukraine, including the possibility of a conventional NATO intervention, which he said they hadn’t ruled out for reasons of “strategic ambiguity” despite not reaching a consensus on this. His Polish counterpart Duda also confirmed that this subject was the most heated part of their discussions. The very fact that this scenario is being officially considered shows how desperate NATO has become. Russia’s victory in Avdeevka, which was the natural result of it winning the “race of logistics”/“war of attrition” with NATO, prompted policymakers to contemplate what they’ll do in the event that it achieves a breakthrough across the Line of Contact (LOC) and starts steamrolling through the rest of Ukraine.

German Military Leak Reveals British Soldiers Are In Ukraine

British soldiers are “on the ground” in Ukraine helping Ukrainian forces fire Storm Shadow missiles, according to a leaked recording of a conversation between German military officers that was published by Russian media. Germany confirmed the authenticity of the recording, and the British did not dispute the claim. The UK confirmed last week that it had a “small number” of troops inside Ukraine who are “supporting the armed forces of Ukraine.” The UK first started shipping Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine last year, which marked a significant escalation of NATO support since they have a range of 155 miles, further than any other NATO-provided missile.

From Memes To Doxxing: Unmasking NATO’s Information Warfare Strategy

In November 2023, NATO’s “Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats” published a disturbing ‘working paper,’ “Humour in online information warfare: Case study on Russia’s war on Ukraine.” It received no mainstream attention. Yet, the contents offer unprecedented insight into the military alliance’s insidious weaponization of social media to distort public perceptions and manufacture consent for war. They also raise grave questions about online “trolling” of dissident voices over the past decade and beyond.

US Readies ‘Transnational Kill Chain’ For Taiwan Proxy War

In many traditions, when you paint or sculpt a Buddha, the eyes are the very last to be painted. It's only after the eyes have been completed that the sculpture is fully alive and empowered.   The US has just approved a $75 million weapons package to Taiwan province involving the sale of the Link 16 communications system.   The acquisition of Link 16 is analogous to "painting the eyes on the Buddha": a last touch, it makes Taiwan's military systems and weapons platforms live and far-seeing.  It confers deadly powers, or more prosaically, in the words of the US military, it completes Taiwan as the final, lethal link of the multilateral coalition kill chain against China.
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