NATO Rejects Putin’s Request To Ban Missile Deployments In Europe

By Tyler Durden, -

At the end of this week NATO announced a bombshell that's gone largely underreported given the Ukraine transcript brouhaha and Democrats' push for impeachment. NATO [...]

Suddenly West Is Failing To Overthrow “Regimes”

By Andre Vltchek, -

It used to be done regularly and it worked: The West identified a country as its enemy, unleashed its professional propaganda against it, then administered a series of sanctions, starving and [...]

The Western Alliance Is Falling Apart

By Peter Koenig, Information Clearinghouse. -

Ever since Imran Khan became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the winds have changed. While his predecessors, though generally leaning eastwards, have often wavered between the [...]

The US-NATO Military Alliance Continues Confrontation Along Russia’s Borders

By Brian Cloughley, -

The Pentagon and its sub-office in Brussels, HQ NATO, in its new billion dollar building, are intent on maintaining military pressure around the globe. The US itself is much more widely spread, [...]

It’s All About The Maps – Trigger For War

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

I am like a man possessed when it comes to the Ukraine story.  Not only do I suffer while watching the daily genocidal shelling by the US-backed government in Kiev of people living in the Donbass [...]

NATO Consolidation: The “Baltic Reassurance Act” Is a Ruse For Provoking Russia

By Andrew Korybko, -

Texas Republican Congressman Michael Conaway introduced the so-called “Baltic Reassurance Act” into the House earlier this month, which recently drew the attention of Russian Chairman of the [...]

After Nearly 40 Years, Time To Let Afghanistan Decide Its Own Future

By Matin Baraki, Open Democracy -

In Afghanistan as elsewhere, external factors have not solved the conflict. On the contrary, foreign interests have been transported to Afghanistan and in this way, political solutions have been [...]

Understanding NATO, Ending War

By Robert J. Burrowes, Popular Resistance. -

So, given the ongoing military threats – with an expanding range of horrific weapons (including, to nominate just two, ‘more usable’ low yield nuclear weapons and technologies on ‘weather [...]

How The West’s War In Libya Spurred Terrorism In 14 Countries

By Mark Curtis, -

Eight years on from NATO’s war in Libya in 2011, as the country enters a new phase in its conflict, I have taken stock of the number of countries to which terrorism has spread as a direct product [...]

Global Network Russia Study Tour Declaration

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

As an international delegation to the Russian Federation of 25 individuals, we have visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, and three cities in Crimea (April 25-May 9). We came to learn, to listen, and [...]

In The Small Canadian City Of Regina, Resistance Is Brewing

By Andre Vltchek, -

Ed Lehman is a Canadian Communist, and a comrade of mine. I don’t say such things often or lightly, especially about Westerners. But he became my comrade, and we struggled shoulder to shoulder, [...]

How Chicago Police Infiltrated, Spied On Anti-NATO Organizers

By Andy Thayer, Counterpunch -

Police here infiltrated the main anti-NATO summit organizing coalition shortly after its 2011 formation, and maintained that infiltration until shortly after the summit ended in May 2012, [...]

International Peace Delegation Plans ‘Bridge-Building Mission’ To Russia

By Mike Kuhlenbeck, Worker's World. -

The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (GN) is organizing a delegation to Russia to help “build a peace bridge between people of their nations” from April 25 to May [...]

US And NATO’s Ongoing Support For Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

By Shane Quinn, -

Comments like this are also a well-aimed provocation of nearby Russia. It is the equivalent of the Soviet Union having announced they had “trust funds” and “activities” occurring in Mexico, with [...]

Global NATO: A 70-Year Alliance Of Oppressors In Crisis

By Horace G. Campbell, -

The celebration of NATO’s 70 years of existence provides another opportunity to unearth the real history of the ideas, practices and destruction wrought by this military alliance. Even with the [...]