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NATO/US Complicity In Relentless Israeli Genocide Of Gaza

As Israel continued its relentless genocide on steroids of Palestinians in Gaza with over 140 killed in the past weekend, imprisonment without charges of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and destruction of the hospitals, universities, schools (8 UNRWA schools bombed in the past 10 days), cultural centers and indiscriminate bombing of markets, soccer fields and “safe area” residents of Gaza have been forced into, an assassination attempt was made on former President Trump and NATO finished its gala 75th Anniversary celebrations in Washington, DC. Biden Says “U.S. Politics Should Never Be A Killing Field,” While He is complicit in the Israeli “Killing Fields” in Gaza As the genocide continued and a few days after the end of the NATO celebrations, an assassination attempt on former President Trump caused President Biden to address the nation and orate that “political violence has no place in America and U.S. politics should never be a killing field.”

‘Brain Dead’ And Dangerous, NATO Proceeds

It is now five years since Emmanuel Macron, in one of those blunt outbursts for which he is known, told The Economist, in a reference to the collective West, “What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO.” The French president thereupon shocked officials across the Continent. “That is not my point of view,” Angela Merkel responded augustly. “I don’t think that such sweeping judgments are necessary.” Heiko Maas, the German chancellor’s foreign minister, added imaginatively, “I do not believe NATO is brain dead.” The North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrated its 75th anniversary last week, 32 presidents and prime ministers assembling in the same Washington auditorium where earlier leaders, 12 of them then, signed its founding treaty on April 4, 1949.

US Seeks To Recover Regional Control With NATO Office In Jordan

During the 2024 Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Washington DC, the alliance announced the establishment of a liaison office in Jordan’s capital Amman. NATO, considered by many to be a tool to assert and consolidate US military dominance across the world, stated that the Amman office will be its first-ever liaison office in the so-called “Middle East and North Africa” region. The announcement comes as Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza, backed and enabled by the US and NATO allies, completes nine months. Peoples Dispatch interviewed Deputy General Secretary of the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party (known in Jordan as Wihdah Party), Dr. Issam Khawaja, to discuss more about what is behind the establishment of this office.

The NATO Declaration And The Deadly Strategy Of Neoconservatism

In 1992, U.S. foreign-policy exceptionalism went into overdrive. The U.S. has always viewed itself as an exceptional nation destined for leadership, and the demise of the Soviet Union in December 1991 convinced a group of committed ideologues—who came to be known as neoconservatives—that the U.S. should now rule the world as the unchallenged sole superpower. Despite countless foreign policy disasters at neocon hands, the 2024 NATO Declaration continues to push the neocon agenda, driving the world closer to nuclear war. The neoconservatives were originally led by Richard Cheney, the Defense Secretary in 1992.

NATO Summit: Collectively Losing Their Minds

On March 7, 2022, two weeks after Moscow entered the civil war in Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS News from Moldova that the U.S. would give NATO-member Poland a “green light” to send Mig-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Within days the Pentagon shot down the idea. Then U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also supported the Polish planes scheme, but the Pentagon rejected it because it “could result in significant Russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a military escalation with NATO,” according to then Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. 

NATO Versus Western Voters And The Global Majority

We record this show as NATO leaders have gathered in Washington, D.C., to mark the 75th anniversary of NATO. The occasion, planned more than a year ago, was to be grand, for sure, though much has changed in the past year, and the rhetoric has, as a consequence, come to sound rather grandiloquent, rather than grand. Ringing declarations have been made about the most successful alliance on Earth, delivering 75 years of peace. Yes, they are saying that while bombs are raining on Gaza and in Ukraine and other trouble spots. They call it the bulwark of global security. Those were the words loudly shouted by President Biden to convince the world against all evidence, of his youth, mental agility, and vigor.

NATO Summit: Not A Shield But A Bloodied Sword

The pressing question we are required to grapple with today is the question of why? What lies at the root and what is the common denominator responsible for mankind’s abject failure to achieve the vision set out in the U.N. Charter? Upon due consideration, we are left in no doubt that, fundamentally, the series of conflicts that have come to define our existence are a consequence of the drive by one ideological bloc to dominate and impose a particular political, economic and value system onto a world defined by its diversity of languages, cultures, histories and traditions. The result is the normalization of war and the apotheosis of hard power, rather than war and hard power being regarded as grotesque perversions and an impediment to human progress.

Does NATO Make The World A Safer Place?

The NATO Summit enters its last day in Washington, DC on July 11. One of the key topics for this gathering of NATO leaders is “deterrence and defense.” However, as NATO leaders ship more weapons towards the war in Ukraine, trade barbs with China, and push member nations to spend more money on defense, the ongoing summit begs the question, does NATO make the world a safer place? The war between Russia and Ukraine has passed its two year mark. Even in the first few days of the summit, NATO leaders seem to be doing whatever possible to prolong the war even longer. The alliance has begun shipping F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to use in the prolonged war, a decision which Russia heavily denounced.

Climate In The Crosshairs

NATO spent $1.34 trillion dollars on the military in 2023, an increase of $126 billion in one year.1  It is therefore accelerating the climate crisis in a decade that the UN Secretary General António Guterres has called ‘climate crunch time’, where urgent action is needed on ‘every front’.2 NATO is currently responsible for 55% of total global military spending. In October 2023, TNI, Tipping Point North South and Stop Wapenhandel published, Climate Crossfire - How NATO’s 2% military spending targets contribute to climate breakdown. This report examined the climate impact of NATO’s 2% GDP target for spending on the military, and the related target of at least 20% of expenditure spent on equipment. I

American Military Crisis: Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Speaks Out

It is clear to at least half the world, some four billion people, that the United States is not the power that it once was… Our reputation is in tatters in the world.” That is what retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson told MintCast host Mnar Adley today. “When you talk about history and the history of empire in particular, what you find are examples of precisely what is happening to us today,” Wilkerson added, noting, in particular, the fall of the Western Roman and Persian empires and how, after they began to teeter, their leadership started to reinforce failures in military operations, in diplomacy and foreign policy in general.

Hundreds Protest NATO Summit, Hold Counter-Summit

Washington D.C. – On July 6 and 7, the Resist NATO coalition, formed by more than sixty anti-war, human rights, and diasporic grassroots organizations from across the U.S., held its own conference, rallied, and marched to protest the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit in Washington D.C. The coalition highlighted the role of NATO as the largest U.S.-led military alliance and its function to promote wars of aggression, increased militarization in the Indo-Pacific and across the globe, sanctions, cyberwarfare, and surveillance on people's organizations.  NATO’s 75th summit is occurring during the ongoing war in Ukraine in response to U.S.-NATO military escalation and territorial expansion, which has emboldened NATO to call on its members to provide billions in weapons and military aid.

German Parliamentarian In Washington Says No To NATO

As NATO marks its 75th anniversary on the eve of its Washington summit, three of its great myths are unravelling. First myth: That NATO is a defensive alliance abiding by international law. In reality, over the last quarter century, NATO has waged unprovoked, illegal wars of aggression against Yugoslavia and Libya; and the United States, the leader of the alliance, invaded and occupied Iraq, in a catastrophic adventure – to name three notorious examples. Second myth: That NATO stands for democracy and the rule of law. The reality is that NATO has never had a problem with counting military dictatorships or fascist regimes among its members.

Anti-NATO Protest In London: Ceasefire Now In Gaza, Ukraine And Yemen

Activists from International Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity once again joined the national Gaza solidarity protest in London on Saturday July 6 to demand ceasefires in Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen, and an end to Western arms deliveries to Ukraine. Many protesters stopped to take pictures of the posters, and The response from those on the march, who were calling on the British government to support an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to arms exports to Israel (Yes – Britain is STILL sending weapons to Israel) which was very enthusiastic and 100% positive. Many of the protesters are aware of the connections between these different wars, but have not seen them clearly stated before.

Threat Of War Looms Over NATO Summit In Washington

On June 30, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) blasted the joint military exercises conducted by the U.S., Japan, and South Korea in the region, labeling them as “reckless and provocative.” The DPRK pointed out that the military “war games” disrupt peace on the Korean peninsula and the broader region. The hostile military drills expose the formation of an “Asian version of NATO” led by the U.S., declared a statement by the DPRK’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 30. The three-day military operation known as “Freedom Edge” took place from June 26 to 29, involving South Korea, Japan, and the U.S.

NATO’S Wars Versus Human Survival

The NATO of the popular imagination is an assembly of representatives of democratic nations who commit to making the world more peaceful, including by militarily defending each other if one of them is attacked. There could hardly exist a more grave collection of lies. NATO is in fact an institution devoted primarily to the increased sale of weaponry to governments of every type — neither its members nor its often openly dictatorial partners acting at the bidding of any populace — and devoted secondarily to doing the will of one government, that based here in Washington, D.C., which is represented by over 900 military bases outside its borders.
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