Has NATO Met Its Match?

By Staff, Davidswanson.org -

Despite claims by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to have defeated its own troops using Facebook (and, really, what plot to take over a high school hasn’t done that?), the biggest [...]

Ukraine: NATO In The Constitution

By Manlio Dinucci, Global Research. -

On 7 February, on a proposition by President Petro Poroshenko – the oligarch who made himself rich by plundering public properties, and who is once again a candidate for the presidency – the Kiev [...]

NATIONAL MOBILIZATION U.S. Hands off Venezuela! March 30, 2019

By Staff, No2NATO -

A broad coalition of anti-war groups in the U.S. and around the world are organizing a national and international mobilization calling for an end to NATO, an end to war and an end to racism, [...]

On Venezuela And NATO, The Democratic Party Is The “Assistance” Not The “Resistance” To Empire

By Danny Haiphong, Blackagendareport.com -

The Trump Administration has pursued an open-air coup against the socialist government of Venezuela , with Pence and company nominating the unelected oligarch Juan Guaido as “interim” president [...]

What Does NATO Cost The US? What Is Its Purpose?

By Will Griffin, Thepeacereport.com -

NATO was created in 1949 as an intergovernmental military alliance for “mutual defense”. At least that’s what you might have been taught by a university or a high school teacher. Several [...]

World Peace Council Announces Actions Against NATO’s 70th Anniversary

By Staff, Wpc-in.org -

NATO, the biggest war machinery in human history is “celebrating” its 70th anniversary with a summit in Washington D.C., on 4th April 2019. The WPC opposed NATO from its founding days as the [...]

Beyond NATO: Time To Break The Silence, End NATO’s Militarism

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Fifty-two years ago on April 4, 1967, at Riverside Church, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  gave his most important speech ever, "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence." King's conscience drove [...]

No To NATO Spring Actions In Washington, DC

By Popular Resistance -

Every year NATO has held its summits, people around the world have organized massive protests against it: in Chicago (2012), Wales (2014), Warsaw (2016), Brussels (2017 & 2018) — and 2019 will be [...]

A Call For National Mobilization To Oppose NATO, War And Racism

By United National Antiwar Coalition. -

April 4, 2019, will mark the 51st anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the internationally revered leader in struggles against racism, poverty and war. And [...]

NATO’s Aggression Reaches For Russian Waters

By Tony Cartalucci, Landdestroyer.blogspot.com -

The intentional provocation executed by Kiev saw three Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia. The vessels were intentionally violating protocol for passing through the Strait - protocol [...]

NATO’s Largesse: ‘Nuclear Sharing’

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

In 1949, Norway joined NATO, and NATO nations have since enjoyed its “nuclear sharing ” largesse, by which member nations without nuclear weapons of their own participate in nuclear force [...]

Meeting For Peace – We Too… (SB)

By Staff, Schattenblick.de -

In 2000, Asian expert and CIA advisor Chalmers Johnson warned in his much-publicized non-fiction book "Blowback" about the dangers threatening the US because of its global "base empire" - in [...]

Report On No Foreign Bases Conference: Confront Global Problems By Ending Imperialism & Militarism

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance -

For the first time in the history of humanity, the technical means are at hand to eliminate poverty if resources were not diverted to making war. World hunger could be abolished with only a small [...]

Reaction To Euro-Military Shows Real Purpose Of NATO Is US Domination

By Staff, Strategic Culture -

This gets to the heart of the matter about the real purpose of NATO and presence of tens of thousands of US troops stationed in bases across Europe since 1945. American military presence in [...]

Peace Congress Calls For Unity Around April 4 NATO Protests

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The Peace Congress, held in place of the Trump Military Parade, brought together more than 100 people seeking to build a more effective peace and justice movement to end the wars at home and [...]