The Hidden Military Use Of 5G Technology

By Manlio Dinucci, -

While the earlier technologies were perfected to create ever more advanced smartphones, 5G is designed not only to improve their performance, but mainly to link digital systems which need [...]

Cold War Redux? U.S. To Hold Largest Europe Exercises In 25 Years

By Robin Emmott, -

MONS, Belgium, Dec 10 (Reuters) - The United States will send 20,000 troops to Europe next April and May in its biggest military exercises on European soil since the Cold War to underscore [...]

Pentagon Alarmed Russia Is Gaining ‘Sympathy’ Among US Troops

By Tyler Durden, -

Remember when NATO bombed Belgrade back to the middle ages, invaded and occupied Iraq, started an eighteen-year long quagmire in Afghanistan, created anarchy in Libya, funded and armed al-Qaeda [...]

Zombie NATO Is Obsolete; Militarists Try To Revive It Through Expanded Targets

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held an abbreviated two-day meeting this week in London on its 70th anniversary. On display was a zombie alliance that is bitterly divided on [...]

The NATO Titanic: Four Crisis Areas

By Jan Oberg, -

But the political dimension of NATO’s crisis is only one. There is also a legal crisis. You’ll recognize it if you care to read the NATO Treaty text – something academic and media people don’t [...]

The 70 Years Of NATO: From War To War: NATO Is Born From The Bomb

By Comitato No Nato, -

On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill’s speech about the “Iron Curtain” officially started the Cold War. Soon after, in July 1946, the USA carried out the first nuclear tests in the atoll of Bikini [...]

US Primes NATO To Confront Russia, China

By M. K. Bhadrakumar, -

Moscow’s breakthrough Avangard missile system with the hypersonic boost-glide vehicle will be deployed on combat duty with the Strategic Missile Force in December 2019. The December 3-4 summit of [...]

Trump Was Right: NATO Should Be Obsolete

By Medea Benjamin, -

The three smartest words that Donald Trump uttered during his presidential campaign are “NATO is obsolete.” His adversary, Hillary Clinton, retorted that NATO was “the strongest military alliance [...]

NATO ‘Leadership Meeting’ Condemned As Cabal Of White Supremacist Militarists

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

The meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that is taking place in London should be seen as a threat to global humanity. However, the foreign policy community in the U.S., corporate [...]

NATO Bitterly Divided As London Summit Begins

By Alex Lantier, -

As heads of state of the NATO military alliance arrived yesterday in London for a two-day summit beginning today, 70 years after NATO’s foundation in the aftermath of World War II in 1949, the [...]

NATO Is As Good As Dead

By Scott Ritter, -

When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded some 70 years ago, its first secretary-general, Lord Ismay, famously noted that the purpose of the treaty alliance was “to keep the [...]

NATO Rejects Putin’s Request To Ban Missile Deployments In Europe

By Tyler Durden, -

At the end of this week NATO announced a bombshell that's gone largely underreported given the Ukraine transcript brouhaha and Democrats' push for impeachment. NATO [...]

Suddenly West Is Failing To Overthrow “Regimes”

By Andre Vltchek, -

It used to be done regularly and it worked: The West identified a country as its enemy, unleashed its professional propaganda against it, then administered a series of sanctions, starving and [...]

The Western Alliance Is Falling Apart

By Peter Koenig, Information Clearinghouse. -

Ever since Imran Khan became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the winds have changed. While his predecessors, though generally leaning eastwards, have often wavered between the [...]

The US-NATO Military Alliance Continues Confrontation Along Russia’s Borders

By Brian Cloughley, -

The Pentagon and its sub-office in Brussels, HQ NATO, in its new billion dollar building, are intent on maintaining military pressure around the globe. The US itself is much more widely spread, [...]