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How Did Zionism Collaborate With Hitler To Establish ‘Israel’?

One of the more significant outcomes of the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation is that it has forced researchers in the history of the Zionist movement to confront the “phobia” of exposing historical facts that occurred during World War II, that would reveal their collaboration with Nazism. This movement, characterized by unethical tactics such as difficult-to-detect lies, exaggeration of facts, presenting opinion as truth, espousing contentious concepts as clear-cut, and fostering false connections and herd instinct, has long excelled in obfuscating the association between Zionism and Nazism. The Zionist propaganda machine has, for decades, adeptly portrayed Nazism and Zionism as having a completely adversarial relationship.

What We Saw And Heard In Crimea

In May of this year, we took the long, 27-hour train ride from Moscow to Crimea to see how life is there and what the sentiment of the people are as the US and Ukraine sharpen their threats to "recapture" this peninsula from Russia. And, while we were there, these threats were backed by a series of terrorist drone attacks in Crimea which, while doing little serious damage, signaled an escalation in the US/Ukrainian assault on Crimea. Despite such threats and attacks, what we found in this historic peninsula on the Black Sea was a beautiful, almost idyllic place with a bustling economy and a general sense of prosperity and hopefulness. We also found a people who seem quite content to remain a part of Russia just as Crimea has been, except for a brief interval, since 1783.

Over 50 Countries Vote Against UN Anti-Nazism Resolution

A UN resolution opposing the celebration of Nazism and related ideologies has met with significant resistance from the US and its allies, with 52 countries voting against it on Friday. The draft resolution “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” introduced by Russia’s representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, was adopted with 105 votes in support. In addition to the 52 votes against, 15 countries abstained. The resolution expresses concern about glorifying Nazism, neo-Nazism and former Waffen SS members, and condemns the construction of monuments and the holding of public ceremonies honoring the Third Reich.

True Colors: Red, White, Black And Blue

With a bold and completely self-sabotaging diplomatic blunder, one which fails on every level including the least rigorous sanity test, this past Wednesday the U.S. was one of two nations to vote against a UN resolution designed to discourage the glorification and promotion of Nazi ideology. The other nation was Ukraine, which currently is overrun and effectively ruled by Jew-hating, Russia-hating, LGBT-hating neo-Nazis, who openly flaunt their allegiance to Stepan Bandera, a collaborator with the Third Reich during WWII. The reason the U.S. supports such Jew-hating, Russia-hating thugs is obvious. It's an effective way to intimidate Russia and initiate a proxy war.

White Supremacy, Nazism And Fascism R U.S.

Writing these words during the Thanksgiving “celebration” is sadly ironic as it illustrates the contradictions of a culture that has yet to reconcile itself with its colonial and white supremacist ideologies, past and present. Despite many criticisms, white supremacy remains not only well and strong, but is also recognized and hailed by the United States on the world stage as an acceptable and legitimate ideology. Recently, Ben Norton , journalist at the Grayzone, reported, as others have occasionally done since 2004, on the refusal of the United States to vote to approve a UN resolution against the glorification of Nazism, racism and xenophobia. Indeed, in December 2020 and again in November of this year, the UN General Assembly voted on the Resolution...

‘Today We Are Nazis,’ Says Member Of Israeli Jewish Extremist Group

Voice messages, texts and other communications indicate they coordinated attacks in cities where Palestinians live in close proximity to Jews – including Haifa, Bat Yam and Tiberias in the north, and Ramla and Lydd – Lod in Hebrew – in the center, to Beersheba in southern Israel. Settlers from Jewish-only colonies in the occupied West Bank also joined the coordinated attacks, with the apparent knowledge and collusion of Israeli officials. They communicated via WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as Facebook groups. In many cases, extremist organizers said they relied on either the active or passive support of Israeli authorities. Israeli research organizations Fake Reporter and HaBloc intercepted messages from some of those groups and reported what they found to Israeli police as a “ticking time-bomb.”
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