Oregon Jury Refuses To Convict Extinction Rebellion Activists Of Protest Charges

By Lauren Regan, CLDC.org. -

Portland, OR — CLDC attorneys Lauren Regan and Cooper Brinson, joined by co-counsel and Portland attorney Kenneth Kreuscher, are pleased that a Portland jury was unable to find their clients, a [...]

Ultimate Necessity: Their Defense Trying To Save The World

By Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly -

It’s when you choose the lesser of two evils. It’s a time when action becomes necessary. It’s when one choice is breaking the law and the other is possible disaster. And as the world continues [...]

All Serious Charges Dropped Against Chase Iron Eyes

By Chase Iron Eyes, Lakota People's Law Project -

The Lakota People’s Law Project legal team have all won a great victory! Immediately after we filed another 160 pages of hard-hitting evidence on the necessity defense, the North Dakota [...]

Necessity Defense Allowed In Resist Spectra Case

By Resist Spectra, Popular Resistance -

oday was the first day of the Resist Spectra trial and the judge ruled the necessity defense will be allowed! That means the six people who are on trial for trespassing for an action that [...]

Defendants Acquitted Based On Climate Necessity Defense

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

On March 27, 13 defendants went into the west Roxbury District courthouse to answer charges related to their arrests protesting the West Roxbury Massachusetts Lateral Pipeline. They expected to [...]

I Shut Down An Oil Pipeline

By Emily Johnston, www.theguardian.com -

By Emily Johnston for the Guardian. A little over a year ago, four friends and I shut down all five pipelines carrying tar sands crude oil into the United States by using emergency shut-off [...]

Chase Iron Eyes Pleads Necessity Defense Against #NoDPL Riot Charge

By Sameer Rao, www.colorlines.com -

By Sameer Rao for Color Lines. Native attorney and activist Chase Iron Eyes believes that the Dakota Access Pipeline’s (DAPL) attack on his ancestral homeland justified his and other water [...]

Lessons From the Delta 5 Necessity Defense

By Patrick Mazza, www.cascadiaplanet.blogspot.com -

By Patrick Mazza for Cascadia Planet - What we did expect was that our act of civil disobedience, positioning on a tripod and blocking a fossil fuel train, would help generate a rising crescendo [...]

Newsletter: Why Protests Will Continue To Grow

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. This week the reason that there are a growing protest movement and growing disenchantment with government was put on display. The [...]

Judge, Jurors Praise Defendants For Climate Resistance

By Julia Carrie Wong, www.theguardian.com -

By Julia Carrie Wong for the Guardian. Five environmental activists who failed to convince a court that their attempt to block crude oil trains near Seattle was a legally justifiable act of [...]