‘Socialism” Conference Features US Gov-funded Regime Change Activists

By Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone Project. -

Socialism is now apparently brought to you by the US State Department. From July 4 to 7, thousands of left-wing activists from across the United States are gathering in Chicago for the 2019 [...]

More Than One Million March In Hong Kong Against Extradition Law To China

By Phila Siu, Shirley Zhao, Alvin Lum, South China Morning Post -

In all, 1.03 million people took part in Sunday’s march, according to the organizer Civil Human Rights Front, double the turnout of the 2003 protest. Police put the figure at 240,000. They [...]

What Is The AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center Doing In Venezuela

By James Patrick Jordan, AFGJ -

The NED-funded Solidarity Center–the AFL-CIO’s organization for acting around the world–has long been active in Venezuela, and not usually for good effect.  We demand that the Solidarity Center [...]

Newsletter: Color Revolution Comes Home?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The United States has perfected the art of regime change operations. The US is the largest empire in world history with more than 1,000 [...]

US Funded NGO’s: New Face of Destabilization in Latin America

By Staff, www.telesurtv.net -

By Staff for Telesur. Starting in 1999, the United States has increasingly lost the ability it once had to determine policy in Latin America. The Bolivarian Revolution that began in Venezuela [...]

Regime Change Agenda Of US Continues With ‘New’ NED Chair

By Joseph Thomas, www.globalresearch.ca -

By Joseph Thomas for Global Research - While supporters of recently elected US President Donald Trump believe steadfastly that among other things, his administration will role back what has been [...]

Newsletter: Transformation – Elections & Movements

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance - The United States has unusual challenges for movements working in the electoral system. The two party system is deeply embedded in law [...]

While Normalizing Relations With Cuba, US Still Funds Destablization

By Staff, www.telesurtv.net -

By Staff for Telesur. The US Empire seeks to dominate other countries with a variety of tools. Some critical tools of destablization are the National Endowment for Democracy and the US Agency for [...]

Seeds Of Vietnam War 2.O: USAID, NED & Joint Military Exercises

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.mintpressnews.com -

The use of Agent Orange constitutes a war crime with devastating effects on the people in Vietnam not only during the war but even today. The U.S. military knew that its use of Agent Orange would [...]

Warning: Find Out Who Is Behind Civil Society Groups

By Tony Cartalucci, www.landdestroyer.blogspot.com -

Called "Revenue Watch" it claims to be "a non-profit policy institute and grantmaking organization that promotes the effective, transparent and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral [...]