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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas Warns Israel And US Of ‘Political Machinations’ Amid Talks

Hamas’ armed wing, Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, launched on Wednesday morning a barrage of missiles from southern Lebanon on Israeli targets in the north. Al-Qssam Brigades said it bombed “the headquarters of Israel’s 769th Eastern Brigade (Camp Ghaibour), and its airport barracks in Beit Hilal in northern occupied Palestine, with two missile salvos consisting of 40 Grad missiles.” It said the attack comes as a response to “the Zionist massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip and the assassination of the martyred leaders and their brothers in the southern suburbs of Lebanon,” referring to Saleh Al-Arouri, Hamas deputy political leader and four Al-Qassam’s commanders assassinated by Israel in January.

For Open Bargaining, Start Early And Build

In many unions, ratification of a collective bargaining agreement can leave members alienated and angry. Sometimes members will be learning about the major features of a tentative deal for the first time. Little time is given to discussion—members are expected to approve what leadership recommends, and officers may get defensive at questions or complaints. In some unions, members know their opinion doesn’t matter and may not even bother to vote. But there’s another way to go, to build a powerful, participatory, energized union through the bargaining process: open bargaining.

UPS Worker: ‘There Is Momentum To Fight For More’

This Tuesday, UPS and Teamsters announced they have reached a tentative agreement for a new contract for UPS workers nationwide, a week before over 340,000 workers were set to go on strike across the country in what would be the biggest strike of its kind in U.S. history. Now that strike is on hold as workers read, debate, and vote on the tentative agreement. After years of stagnant wages and deplorable working conditions, UPS workers have been organizing around the clock to fight for their demands, including much higher starting salaries for part-time workers and ending the two-tier system.

Winning Is Only The Start: Jane McAlevey On Building Worker Power

In April 2022, Amazon workers in Staten Island voted to form a union. But a year after that historic victory, union members at the JFK8 warehouse still don’t have a contract, thanks largely to Amazon spending $14 million on union avoidance consultants. That may be shocking but it’s not unusual. When workers vote to form a union, it takes an average of 465 additional days to sign a contract with their employer. Meanwhile this spring in Buffalo, where the first Starbucks Workers United election was won in 2021, a new decertification petition attempted to extinguish the spark that inspired hundreds of other locations to follow suit.

Starbucks Union Workers Have A New Strategy To Win A First Contract

It’s a truism in labor circles that winning a first contract can be even more difficult than winning a union election. The ongoing year-plus battle between Starbucks and its unionizing baristas is proving that adage correct. According to data from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as of May 10, workers had won union elections at 308 Starbucks stores since December 2021 — yet not a single shop has come close to reaching a first contract. (Each Starbucks that has unionized is legally a separate bargaining unit organized into Workers United, an SEIU affiliate.) The barista network Starbucks Workers United (SBWU) has made over a dozen proposals to date that serve as a basis for each store’s bargaining.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro Offers To Host Venezuelan Talks

Caracas, Venezuela - Given the complete failure  of Juan Guaido to garner support as an “interim president” and the breakdown of  talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition figures in Mexico City, the State Department has started a new strategy to undermine the Bolivarian revolution: an international conference in Bogota. According to Colombian Foreign Minister, Alvaro Leyva, the full spectrum of the Venezuelan opposition--from the left to the right--is invited to participate. France, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, the U.S. and Canada are also expected to have representatives at the table. 

The Mexico Charade By A Desperate Washington

Angela Merkel’s statements about the 2014 Minsk Agreements show that NATO’s objective was to give Ukraine time so that the country could be strengthened and better serve as the alliance’s battering ram against Russia. The plot shows that for the West, lies, dishonor, and lack of principles are integral to NATO’s despicable political behavior. Merkel stated that “We all knew that it was a frozen conflict [Ukraine], that the problem was not solved, but it was precisely that which gave Ukraine precious time.” In other words, the West did not use diplomacy for peace, but for war.

Maduro Announces Reactivation Of Dialogue With The Opposition

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, on Monday, March 7, announced the reactivation of the dialogue and negotiation process with the platform of far-right opposition sectors in favor of the economic recovery and stability of the country. Additionally, the president reported that on March 5, he held a meeting with a delegation from the government of his counterpart from the United States, Joe Biden. Maduro made the announcements during a meeting with his vice presidents, ministers, and military high command at the Miraflores Palace. In a further show a potential shift in the relations between the two countries, two prisoners of American nationality in Venezuela were released on March 8.

Iranian President Asks US To Lift Sanctions To Show Seriousness

n a televised address on Monday, October 18, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi asserted that a return to the nuclear deal should mean the end of all unilateral sanctions imposed by the US since it withdrew from the agreement in 2018. Raisi pointed out that lifting of sanctions would indicate the seriousness of the US about the talks in Vienna. He emphasized that Iran is serious and committed to the talks and would return to the table soon, saying that it “will never leave the negotiation table,” IRNA reported. The talks in Vienna between Iran and the remaining signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or the Iran nuclear deal – France, the UK, Germany, Russia and China – have stopped since Raisi was elected president in June. Iran has claimed that it is reviewing the outcome of the six rounds of talks held so far and will return soon without conditions.

Rent Strikes And Beyond

On last week’s call in Scalawag’s Solidarity Over Distance series, organizers and legal advocates across the South were excited to share both immediate and long term strategies to address the housing realities in their states laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis.   Cooperating attorney for Fair Housing Center of Northern Alabama, Richard Rice, managed to speak optimistically of the moment. “We have a captive audience—and folks are ready for new ideas... The crisis is obviously severe... however, we do have an opportunity it presents as well to change things to change the dynamics on a fundamental level. Some of those things look like cooperative housing, community land trust, talking to folks who live in public housing about organizing tenant associations.”
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