Venezuela’s Legislative Elections

By Carlos Ron, Valdai Club. -

Latin America has caught the world’s attention as it has become the electoral battleground between progressive movements and the neo-colonial aspirations of the Washington Consensus. In Bolivia, [...]

What Recent Struggles In Gambia And Zambia Teach Us About Neo-Colonialism Today

By Mohammed Elnaiem, -

On June 20th, a fatal mining accident in Black mountain, an infamous mining zone in Zambia, killed 10 miners, and injured 7 others. Mining is the lifeblood of the country’s economy, and accidents [...]

Derailing The Neocon Train To Armageddon

By Al Markowitz, -

The media war drums are again beating with demonization aimed at Iran, the DPRK and especially Russia. We can't blame this on Trump alone. Our government, under the heavy hand of corporate [...]

Corporations & Western Governments Continue To Profit From Looting Africa

By Ben Dangl, -

By Ben Dangl for Counter Punch - A recent report published by a coalition of African and British social justice organizations lays bare the truth that foreign corporations and wealthy governments [...]

Brexit: A Nail In The Coffin Of Neo-Colonialism In Africa

By Netfa Freeman, -

By Netfa Freeman for Black Agenda Report - While much of the discourse and debate around the UK referendum to leave the European Union (EU), a move known as Brexit (= Britain + exit), seems [...]

TPP Is A Tool For US Hegemony In The Asia Pacific

By Nina Macapinlac and Matt Smith, -

By Nina Macapinlac and Matt Smith for Philippine Solidarity. New Jersey - To announce its official launch, the New Jersey Philippine Solidarity Committee condemns to the utmost extent today’s [...]

December 1 – More Than A Flag-Raising Day!

By Herman Wainggai, -

By Herman Wainggai - The Island of New Guinea is divided in to two: The west side is the independent state of Papua New Guinea, which gained its independence from Australia in 1975. The western [...]