New Global Campaign – Nestle’s Troubled Waters

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, Popular Resistance. -

Evart is taking center stage in North America’s “water wars” as local advocates demand that Nestlé Waters North America revert its claimed rights to the White Pine Springs back to the public [...]

Michigan Court Strikes Blow To Nestle

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, Popular Resistance. -

Michigan Court of Appeals Reverses Circuit Court Decision favoring Nestle and Upholds Township Zoning Ordinance that Denies Nestle Booster Station. Today the citizens of Osceola township in [...]

Activists Deliver Giant Trash Monsters To Nestlé Headquarters To Protest Plastic Pollution

By Maddie Stone, -

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a huge, disgusting problem. Which is why it’s pretty fitting that Greenpeace decided to raise awareness of one company’s contributions with huge, disgusting [...]

Who Owns America’s Water?

By Gina Benevento, Al Jazeera. -

Yes, water is a human right, fundamental to life - yet if you are an average American, you would be lucky to have access to it, at a price you can afford to pay and not be poisoned. Just ask [...]

Water Defenders Demand State Follow Law, Deny Permit To Nestlé

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, Popular Resistance. -

We ask all our supporters to stay informed on the issues through our website We anticipate that those organizations and individuals who work as defenders of Michigan’s water [...]

Billions For Bitter Coffee, Bloody Chocolate

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

On Monday May 7th, business and economics sites were abuzz with the latest news that Nestle and Starbucks are striking a $7.15 billion coffee licensing deal. The cash deal would grant Nestle [...]

Victory Against Ecocide In Guatemala

By Jeff Abbott, -

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, announced last month that they would stop purchasing palm oil from a Guatemalan producer tied to human rights violations, environmental [...]

Coke, Nestle Near Ownership Of World’s Second Largest Aquifer

By Elliott Gabriel, -

A concerted push is underway in South America that could see one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water soon fall into the hands of transnational corporations such as Coca-Cola and [...]

Coalition Of Water Protectors Call For Nestlé Boycott

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, -

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation. Mecosta, MI – Great Lakes water protector groups including U.S., Canadian, and Indigenous representatives united at the Water Is Life: Strengthening [...]

Flint Water Summit Participants Vow To End Nestlé’s Water Takings

By Dylan Penner, -

By Dylan Penner for Council of Canadians. Flint, MI - Sixteen water protector groups along with local residents, Indigenous representatives and activists attended the Water Is Life: Strengthening [...]

Nestlé Pays $200 A Year To Bottle Water Near Flint

By Jessica Glenzain, -

By Jessica Glenzain for The Guardian - While Flint battles a water crisis, just two hours away the beverage giant pumps almost 100,000 times what an average Michigan resident uses into plastic [...]

‘Travesty’: Nestlé Outbids Another Town For Control Of Local Water Supply

By Nadia Prupis, -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Corporate giant Nestlé continued its privatization creep on Thursday as it won approval to take over another Canadian community's water supply, claiming it [...]

Community Defeats Nestle As It Drops Water Extraction Plans

By Andrea Germanos, -

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams - After facing community resistance, bottled beverage giant Nestlé Waters North America this week ditched its plans to extract water from a Monroe County, [...]

Nestlé Just Gained Control Over This Town’s Water For Next 45 Years

By Nathan Wellman, -

By Nathan Wellman for US Uncut - Tea Party Republican Governor Paul LePage of Maine helped Nestlé secure a contract that gives Poland Springs, a Nestlé subsidiary, permission to take the small [...]

Oregon County Rejects Nestle Water-Grab

By Andrea Germanos, -

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams - Voters in one Oregon county on Tuesday approved a ban on commercial bottled water production, stopping a years-long effort by Swiss transnational Nestle to [...]

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