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Sekou Odinga Has Joined The Ancestors

Brother, comrade, Father, New African, Sekou Odinga took his last breath in this world on January 12, 2024, ending a life of service and sacrifice not matched by many. Brother Sekou loved our people and he loved all of the oppressed and gladly dedicated his life to the liberation of the colonized, oppressed people of the world because that is indeed what the “Black Liberation Movement” embodied. Brother Sekou understood, like all of the warriors of our people from the time we plotted at the bottom of slave ships, in the cotton fields, in Massa’s house, in the urban ghettos and rural plantations, that authentic liberation would only materialize when we physically defeated the original colonial “motherfuckers,” slavers, genocidal, imperialist criminals that held us and the world in their grip.

No Respite For France As A ‘New Africa’ Rises

By adding two new African member-states to its roster, last week's summit in Johannesburg heralding the expanded BRICS 11 showed once again that Eurasian integration is inextricably linked to the integration of Afro-Eurasia. Belarus is now proposing to hold a joint summit between BRICS 11, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).  President Aleksandr Lukashenko's vision for the convergence of these multilateral organizations may, in due time, lead to the Mother of All Multipolarity Summits. But Afro-Eurasia is a much more complicated proposition.
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