Charter Schools And Race In New Orleans

By Michael David Raso, -

Thursday night, New Orleans public schools as we knew them ended. With a 5-2 vote by the Orleans Parish School Board, the last remaining public high school in New Orleans became its latest [...]

Medical Students March Through New Orleans For Universal Healthcare

By Katherine Mozzone, -

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Medical students from across the country gathered in New Orleans, Saturday, walking the streets chanting, advocating for a single-payer system. It's the seventh annual march [...]

New Orleans Is Proving That Ending The Bail System Works

By Aviva Shen, -

By Aviva Shen for RSN - The U.S. is just one of two nations in the world with a money bail system (the other is the Philippines). The system means that people are held in jail while they wait for [...]

Confederate Statues Down, But Structural Racism Still Stands Tall

By Ashana Bigard, -

By Ashana Bigard for The Progressive - Many New Orleanians celebrated at the removal of confederate monuments around the city in recent weeks. But on the same day that Robert E. Lee’s bronzed [...]

Transcript Of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s Address On Confederate Monuments

By Derek Cosson, -

By Derek Cosson for The Pulse - Just hours before workers removed a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee — the fourth Confederate monument to be dismantled in New Orleans in recent weeks — [...]

New Orleans’ Ninth Ward Fights Freeway Through Historic Black Neighborhood

By Michael Stein, -

By Michael Stein for Truthout - There were about 200 Ninth Ward community members in the Saint Mary of the Angels church that night to see what the Department of Transportation had planned for [...]

Ten Years On: Katrina, Militarisation & Climate Change

By Nick Buxton and Ben Hayes, -

By Nick Buxton and Ben Hayes in Open Democracy - But the structural inequality and institutional racism that underpinned the Bush administration’s response is still there, a fact that President [...]

What Climate Justice Means To Me

By Ruth Breech, -

By Ruth Breech in Rainforest Action Network - With the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina around the corner — August 29th — I’ve been thinking about justice. What do environmental justice, [...]

New Orleans: Recovery Or Removal?

By The Laura Flanders Show, -

By The Laura Flanders Show - Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, a new documentary from The Laura Flanders Show and teleSUR English explores the race, class and gender outlines of the [...]

The Long Road From C.J. Peete To Harmony Oaks

By Kerry Reckdahl, -

By the time her organization landed a contract to do work in New Orleans, Sandra Moore had felt the city’s tug for more than a year. Moore is president of Urban Strategies, a nonprofit [...]

Officer Turns Off Camera Before Shooting Man During Traffic Stop

By Matt Agorist , -

Armand Bennet, a 26-year-old man from Algiers, LA was pulled over by NOPD officer Lisa Lewis on August 11th, 2014. During the stop Bennet was shot in the forehead by officer Lewis, and [...]

New Orleans’ New Civil Rights Leaders

By Bill Quigley, -

Like many cities in the South, New Orleans has a proud history of civil rights leadership -- along with an equally grim history of civil rights violations. That history is repeating itself today. [...]

USFWC: Ten Years of Achievement

By Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo, -

In 2008, a year after the 2007 ECWD conference, Hurricane Katrina battered the city of jazz and Mardi Gras. Quite a few cooperatives, along with musical bands and community members, lost homes [...]