Newark Water Coalition Takes Struggle Against Lead Pipes Statewide

By Newark Water Coalition, Popular Resistance. -

Over the past few months, the Newark Water Coalition has tirelessly been advocating for residents of Newark and taking action to spread awareness of the Lead Water Crisis. What started as a small [...]

VMA Protestors Put Spotlight On Lead Water Crisis

By Rema Rahman, -

NEWARK, NJ - As throngs of attendees in cocktail dresses and casual suits lined up around the Prudential Center Monday eagerly awaiting entrance to MTV’s Video Music Awards, Anthony Diaz blew [...]

Monthly Rally In Newark Against US War Escalations / Threats #NJSaysNoToWar

By Staff, -

By Staff of NJ Against US War on Syria and in the Middle East - Largely with the local support of the Peoples Organization for Progress, anti-war activists including Newark residents and those [...]

Newark Police To Revamp Stop-And-Frisk In Civil Rights Accord

By Joseph Ax, -

By Joseph Ax for Reuters - Police in Newark, New Jersey, will institute sweeping reforms to resolve allegations of widespread civil-rights violations under the supervision of a federal monitor, [...]

Lead Discovery Forces Water Ban In Newark Public Schools

By Nika Knight, -

By Nika Knight for Common Dreams - Public schools in Newark, New Jersey, were forced to shut off water fountains on Wednesday after test results showed high levels of lead in the water supply. [...]

Newark Approves Eminent Domain To Fight Foreclosures

By Mandelman Matters, -

Newark’s new mayor, Ras Baraka, introduced the resolution and the Newark Municipal Council, which passed it unanimously, according to a press release issued today by New Jersey Communities United [...]

Newark Students Resisting Neoliberal Reforms In Their City

By Raven Rakia, -

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the Newark Students Union (NSU) called for a rally on 2 Cedar Street, at the Board of Education building. As their supporters rallied outside, nine high school students [...]