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Next System Project

Chomsky The Desire for Transformation Is Bubbling Below the Surface

By Noam Chomsky for the Next System Project. Philosopher, linguist, and social critic Noam Chomsky recently spoke about his experiences in campus activism and his vision of a just society to help inaugurate the Next System Project’s ambitious new teach-ins initiative taking place across the country. An initial signatory to the Next System statement, Chomsky explores the connections between culture, mass movements, and economic experiments—which in “mutually reinforcing” interaction, may build toward a next system more quickly than you may think. Chomsky: "The political system was never really responsive to the mass of the population, but it’s now changed to the point where it’s a virtual plutocracy. . . Capitalism responded to the system-changing ambitions of the 19th century labor movement with state and paramilitary violence."
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