Venezuela Moves Toward Elections: US Seeks To Undermine Them

By Venezuelanalysis. -

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has kickstarted proceedings for the upcoming December 6 National Assembly (AN) elections. A number of events have taken place in recent weeks that [...]

Spain’s Zapatero: There Are Governments That Regret Having Recognized Guaido

By The Orinoco Tribune. -

Former Spain Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero believes that there are governments that regret having recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela back in [...]

President Maduro: United States Is Living An Anti-Racist Spring

President Maduro said that the US is experiencing an anti-racist spring, in reference to the massive protests for the murder of George Floyd. “People on the street are saying who Donald Trump [...]

More Details Emerge Of The Coup Plot In Venezuela, Showing US-Guaido Involvement

By Jorge Martin, Marxist. -

Yesterday, 6 May, Venezuela announced the arrest of more members of the mercenary expeditionary force that was to carry out the coup. In a press conference with the attendance of the [...]

Response To President Maduro’s Letter To The People Of The United States

By The Network in Defense of Humanity. -

The Network in Defense of Humanity – US Chapter expresses our heartfelt solidarity with the people of Venezuela and its only legitimate President Nicolas Maduro Moros in this hour of [...]

Guaido’s Failed Foreign Tour Ends With A Flop

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the president of Venezuela a year ago but despite multiple coup attempts, he never took power and his support there rapidly disappeared. Now, with his foreign tour [...]

TIME Magazine Won’t Say It, But Maduro Is The Man Of The Year

By  Iroel Sánchez, La Pupula Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

On January 4, 2019, the governments of the now decadent Grupo de Lima announced that from January 10 – the date on which, after winning elections whose numbers were better in terms of majority [...]

Not In The Name Of Chavez

By José Roberto Duque, Orinoco Tribune -

No propaganda strategy can even try to point to Venezuela as an example of how bad it can be for anyone if they dare to keep alive the flame ignited by Chavismo, because suddenly “it was [...]

Maduro Denounces Bribery Attempts On Army Officers

By Telesur English. -

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced this Sunday that the country's right-wing has received more than US$400 million with the objective of buying politicians, policemen and members of [...]

Another Failed US-Backed Coup Attempt In Venezuela

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Fresh off a successful military coup deposing leftist President Evo Morales in Bolivia last week, the United States attempted to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela this [...]

‘John Bolton Tried To Assassinate Me’: Interview With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

By Ben Norton, -

Six months ago, the United States government recognized an unknown opposition leader as interim president of Venezuela. But here in Caracas today, it’s pretty clear who’s in charge. I’ve just [...]

Anti-War Voices On Both Sides Warn Of Coming CIA Provocation To Kill Guaidó, Blame Maduro

By Whitney Webb, Mintpress News -

With López still unable to directly maneuver in the streets, Guaidó’s continued freedom of movement may continue to make him a valuable asset to the current efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s [...]

Venezuela: Embassy Protection Collective ‘The Next Two Days Are Crucial’

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The next two days will be crucial for the protection of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. The Embassy Protection Collective is prepared to stay at the embassy for the foreseeable future, [...]

Solidarity With Venezuela Now! Protect The Embassy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

We are writing to you from inside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC where we are taking action against a US coup of the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republican of Venezuela. The [...]

Why Was Guaido Barred from Holding Public Office for 15 Years?

The imposter fraud Guaido is having a difficult time organizing people to support his coup against President Maduro. Our colleague, Eva K. Bartlett, who joined us on a recent peace delegation in [...]

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