How Billionaire Foundations Fund NGOs To Advance US Foreign Policy Goals

By Rick Sterling, Popular Resistance. -

US foreign policy is increasingly promoted by billionaire funded foundations.  The neoliberal era has created individuals with incredible wealth and through “philanthropy”, they flex their [...]

4 Nonprofit Hospitals Pocketed $1.7 Billion In Profits In 4 Years

By Lynn Petrovich, -

By Lynn Petrovich for End The Illusion - Cumulative surplus for these four nonprofit entities totaled over $2.2 Billion, cash in the bank and/or Wall Street investments/brokerage firms. In [...]

Just How Grey Are The White Helmets And Their Backers?

By Jan Oberg, -

By Jan Oberg for TFF - While thousands of humanitarian organisations around the world are struggling fiercely with diminishing support from governments and the public, one has achieved a [...]

Hurricane Relief For Haiti: Best Organization To Support

By Staff, -

Longtime friend and reader Jack Balkwill forwarded us this information from Kathy Kelly about the best organization doing hurricane relief in Haiti. He wrote: There are "over 900 dead and [...]

Your Charity Case, Frack That, Oil Trains & Paradigm Lost

Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Act Out. This week:--- 'tis better to give than to receive – but who are you giving to and who's really receiving the gift? With the help of non-profit employee and [...]

Faith & Global Poverty Groups Criticize TPP On Fair Global Dvlpment

By Oxfam, -

“Trade can indeed spur economic growth and poverty reduction, but only if the rules actually benefit those at the lower end of the development ladder,” said Raymond C. Offenheiser, president of [...]