More Than 900 Nonviolent Actions Planned For Sept. 16-24

By Staff, -

By Staff for Peace and All Good - Campaign Nonviolence is a long-term grassroots movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism, environmental destruction and the [...]

The Non-Violent Berkeley Movement In The 1960s

By Julia Stein, -

By Julia Stein for Counter Punch - After graduating UC Berkeley in 1968, I returned to Berkeley to visit friends May 1969 when People’s Park was being built. I had gotten arrested for Free [...]

Protesting Students ‘Occupy’ Delhi Art College With Graffiti

By Dipanita Nath, -

By Dipanita Nath in Indian Express - Threads criss-cross a patch of a wall like a colourful cobweb gone chaotic. Through the artwork, a third-year student of Applied Art, Aditya Verma, is [...]

Gandhi’s Strategy: (1) Noncooperation & (2) Constructive Program

By Brian Willson, -

To Gandhi, noncooperation was the nonviolent counterpart of guerrilla war while the constructive program was the counterpart of a parallel society from below similar to parallel hierarchies [...]

Grassroots Message Against Police Violence, & All Violence, Stands Firm

By Heidi Boghosian, -

Our movements are nonviolent, and are not to blame for the killing of Officers Liu and Ramos. The peaceful demonstrations and direct actions carried out by tens of thousands of people of all [...]

Police Chief Explains Why He’s Not Arresting Protesters

By Steve Anderson, -

As imperfect humans, we have a tendency to limit our association with other persons to those persons who are most like us. Unfortunately, there is even more of a human tendency to stay within [...]

Disruption And Sacrifice

By Ted Glick, -

Mark and Paul Engler’s well-reasoned piece published just a few days ago reminded me of what was, without question, the most personally impactful action I have ever taken part in, over 44 years [...]

Nonviolent Action: Minimizing The Risk Of Violent Repression

By Robert J. Burrowes, -

If you want a nonviolent action to be maximally effective, there are two preliminary points to consider. First, spend time developing a carefully elaborated nonviolent strategythat will guide [...]

Michael Brown’s Father Calls For Nonviolence, Wilson May Resign

By Lilly Workneh, -

In a video released Thursday, the father of Michael Brown called for calm and asked the public to act peacefully in the upcoming days when a grand jury plans to announce its decision on whether [...]