Sudan’s Protesters Find New Tactics For Civil Disobedience

By Kaamil Ahmed, Middle East Eye. -

Build the barricades, then run. The message from protest leaders to the young Sudanese on the streets of the capital has been consistent ahead of Sunday's call to began a comprehensive campaign [...]

The Bottom Line: Go For The Money

By Rivera Sun, Popular Resistance -

It's rare to hear business magazines admit the power of nonviolent action. As the editor of Nonviolence News, a service that collects and shares 30-50+ stories of nonviolence in action each week, [...]

Taking Nonviolent Action In Defense Of Mother Earth

By Michele Naar-Obed, -

Our case will be tried before a twelve-person jury, who will decide whether ours was an act of criminality or one of necessity. But the last word will not come from the jury, the judge, or the [...]

Nationwide Week Of Nonviolent Action

By Campaign Nonviolence,Pace y bene. -

Over 2650 marches, actions, events and rallies are poised to take place in all 50 states nationwide as part of Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions September 15-23. This unprecedented campaign of [...]

Answering “What Should I Do?” Is Easier When You Know The Roles Of Social Movements

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The United States is going in the wrong direction on a wide range of social, economic and foreign policy issues and people are justifiably upset and angry about this. One question we are [...]

Direct Action Campaigning Today: Manual For Organizers

By George Lakey, -

For the past year I’ve been book touring to over 60 cities and towns across the United States and have been asked repeatedly for a direct action manual that addresses challenges we face now. The [...]

John Lennon’s Message Of People Power Still True Today

By John Whitehead, -

Do you want an end to war? Then stop supporting the government’s military campaigns. Do you want government violence against the citizenry to end? Then demand that your local police [...]

Everyday Use Of Militaristic Jargon Makes Us More Combative

By Nan Levinson, -

By Nan Levinson for Waging Nonviolence - 20 Dec 2016 – “War is merely the continuation of politics by other means,” wrote the Prussian Gen. Carl von Clausewitz. Lately, it’s been sounding like [...]

#NoDAPL Scores Major Victory: No Final Permit For Pipeline

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Cannon Ball, North Dakota (Oceti Sakowin or Council of the Seven Fires Camp) - Today, the people won a major victory in the fight to [...]

Campaign Nonviolence Week Of Actions

By Ryan Hall, -

By Ryan Hall for Pace E Bene - The third annual Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions was launched September 18 through September 25, 2016. Events are taking place across the United States and [...]

New Film ‘Love and Solidarity’, Non-violence For Systemic Change

By Will Jones and Mike Honey, -

By Will Jones and Mike Honey for Portside. Non-violence is NOT passive, but is militant and effective theory and practice. Portside Moderator Will Jones interviews Honey about the film and highly [...]

Campaign Nonviolence Week Of Actions

By Staff, -

By Campaign Nonviolence. United States - Campaign Nonviolence is a long-term movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism, environmental destruction and the [...]

Peace Flotilla Nonviolent Direct Action Protest Trident Nuclear Submarines

By Leonard Eiger, -

By Leonard Eiger for GZ Center - Silverdale, Washington: Local peace activists staged a water-based nonviolent protest and witness for peace in Hood Canal at the Trident nuclear submarine base on [...]

Dorothy Day Refuses To Duck-And-Cover

By Rivera Sun, -

By Rivera Sun for Counter Punch - On June 15th, 1955, Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day joined a group of pacifists in refusing to participate in the civilian defense drills scheduled on that [...]

Peace Activist, Poet and Writer, Daniel Berrigan Dead At 94

Variety of Sources, -

From a variety of sources on the death of Daniel Berrigan: We are bereft. We are so sad. We are aching and wrung out. Our bodies are tired as Dan’s was—after a hip fracture, repeated infections, [...]

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