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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Putin’s Nuclear Warning Is Direct And Explicit

The specter of Armageddon has been raised often enough during the two-year old war in Ukraine that the reference to it in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of the union address on Thursday had a familiar ring about it. Therein lies the risk of misjudgement on the part of the Western audience that Putin was only “crying wolf”. Three things must be noted at the outset. First, Putin has been explicit and direct. He is giving advance notice that he is obliged to respond with nuclear capability if the Russian statehood is threatened. Eschewing innuendos or dark hints, Putin actually made a sombre declaration of epochal significance.

Anti-War Groups Protest 60th Annual Munich Security Conference

On Saturday, February 17, thousands of people marched in downtown Munich protesting the 60th annual Munich Security Conference (MSC) held in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof from February 16 to 18. Activists from communist and leftist groups, including the German Communist Party (DKP), Die Linke, Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), and other anti-imperialist organizations joined the protest raising banners that read “Warmongers unwanted.” They condemned the MSC 2024 as a gathering of “NATO warlords under the leadership of the United States,” under the guise of debating international security policy.

Germany Swims Or Sinks With NATO

There couldn’t be a better metaphor than what a Chinese analyst used to characterize the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) while commenting on its secretary general Jens Stoltenberg’s recent remark that the West does not seek war with Russia but should still “prepare ourselves for a confrontation that could last decades.” The Chinese commentator compared Stoltenberg with an in-charge of a firm of undertakers, “a store owner of coffin and casket, which makes no money in peacetime. As an undertaker, NATO needs conflict, bloodshed for earnings. So it spreads fear and panic in order to ensure its member countries continue to contribute military funding.”
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