America’s Renegade Warfare Killing Civilians, Violating Law

By Nicolas J S Davies, -

By Nicolas J S Davies for Consortium News. Despite the U.N. Charter and international efforts to prevent war, people in countries afflicted by war today still face the kind of total war that [...]

Declassified: US Cold War Plan To Nuke USSR And Its Allies

By Yuriy Rubtsov, -

By Yuriy Rubtsov for Strategic Culture Foundation - At the end of 2015 the US National Security Archive published a declassified document from 1950s listing nuclear strike targets on the [...]

Here’s What Would Happen If US Nuked North Korea

By Greg Fish, -

By Greg Fish for Rantt. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Maybe this is why so many Americans wonder why they can’t just nuke a country posing a risk to their security. With [...]

Anti-war Nuns Carry Message Of Nuclear Disarmament

By Debbie Kelley, -

By Debbie Kelley for The Gazette - The sisters also will hold free public presentations: at noon Oct. 9 at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the Kraemer Family Library; at 7 p.m. [...]

Full Text Of Hiroshima Peace Declaration On 72nd A-bomb Anniversary

By Kazumi Matsui, -

By Kazumi Matsui for The Mainichi. Friends, 72 years ago today, on August 6, at 8:15 a.m., absolute evil was unleashed in the sky over Hiroshima. Let's imagine for a moment what happened under [...]

On The Beach 2017. The Beckoning Of Nuclear War.

By Staff, -

By Staff of John Pilger - The US submarine captain says, "We've all got to die one day, some sooner and some later. The trouble always has been that you're never ready, because you don't know [...]

UN Must Face Scientifically Predicted Consequences Of Nuclear War

By Steven Starr, -

By Steven Starr for Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - The preamble of the treaty to ban nuclear weapons now under consideration at the UN will be greatly strengthened if it includes a summary [...]

North Korea Says U.S. Bomber Flights Push Peninsula To Brink Of Nuclear War

By Staff, -

By Staff of Thomson Reuters - The U.S. air force said in a statement the bombers had flown from Guam to conduct training exercises with the South Korean and Japanese air forces. North Korea said [...]

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire Appeals To President Trump For Peace Leadership

By The Peace People, -

By The Peace People for TRANSCEND Media Service - 1 May 2017 – Mairead Maguire, who visited the women’s peace movements of North and South Korea last year with 30 international women from around [...]

Peace Vigil Stands Near White House As A Warning To Nuclear War

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - Whenever the President looks out from the North Portico side of the White House, he can see his nearest neighbor seated in front of the white tent of the Peace [...]

The Fantasy Of Winning A Nuclear War With Russia

By Jonathan Marshall, -

By Jonathan Marshall for Consurtium News - In 1961, senior Pentagon consultants drafted a 33-page blueprint for initiating — and winning — a nuclear war against the Soviet Union. It was based on [...]

Has Russia Already Trumped US Nuclear Dominance Ambition?

By Pepe Escobar, -

Pepe Escobar for Sputnik News. Putin already cut to the chase – when he spoke at the defense ministry's HQ in Moscow before the holiday season; "We can say with certainty: we are stronger now [...]

US Seeking Nuclear Domination, Increases Dangers Of Nuclear War

By Jonathan Marshall for Consortium News. “My bottom line is that the likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe today is greater than it was during the Cold War,” declares former U.S. Secretary of [...]

40 Million Russians Set To Drill For World War III

By Tyler Durden, -

By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge - I’ve been searching for ways to wake up America to the immediate danger of a Nuclear War, given the situation in the Middle East. Little to nothing has been said [...]

US Prepares For Nuclear War, Air Force Drops Two Faux Nukes

By Marcus Weisgerber, -

By Marcus Weisgerber for Defense One - The tests in the Nevada desert come as tensions rise with Russia and the Pentagon seeks to replace its aging nuclear arsenal. A pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 [...]

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