Banlieues Debout Movement Targets Police Brutality, Economic Hardship

By Ericka Schiche, -

By Ericka Schiche for Occupy - The banlieues, suburbs existing beyond the Périphérique on the outskirts of Paris, are part of a complex socioeconomic and cultural world which is seldom viewed [...]

Nuit Debout: Middle Class Protests In Neoliberal France

By Laurie Wdowiak, -

By Laurie Wdowiak for LSE - Since March, France has known a wave of opposition against a labour law reform. The reform plans to further deregulate labour and decentralize bargaining, among other [...]

US Protests Pale Compared To Spirited French Protests

By Clotilde Bigot, -

By Clotilde Bigot for AlterNet. France is a far more rebellious country than the United States. People march in the streets and go on strike for the smallest reasons. But this time, there is [...]

Media Blackout On Nuit Debout

By Gabriel Rockhill, -

By Gabriel Rockhill for Counterpunch. One of the fastest growing social and political movements in recent history has been sweeping across France, spreading through Europe and now developing in [...]

From ‘Merci Patron’ To ‘Nuit Debout’

By Raphael Godechot, -

By Raphael Godechot for On 24 February 2016, journalist François Ruffin released his first film, ‘Merci Patron’ (Thanks Boss). A refreshing documentary in which he takes on [...]

Nuit Debout: Building An Open Movement In France’s Squares

By Paolo Gerbaudo , -

By Paolo Gerbaudo for ROAR Magazine - I think that the Labor Law is what made people join this movement. But in a way it was just the initial pretext for the mobilization to begin. Most people [...]

A French Spring

By Jonah Birch, -

By Jonah Birch for Jacobin Magazine - A new movement against labor market deregulation is taking shape in France. Since February, when the Socialist Party (PS) government of François Hollande and [...]

Newsletter: Ending The Political Charade

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. This week, on Earth Day, representatives from 130 countries gathered at the United Nations in New York City to sign the climate treaty agreed upon in Paris [...]

Nuit Debout: Dawn Of A Revolution?

By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, -

By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery for News Junkie Post - Some call it a phenomenon, others compare it to the failed 2011 Occupy movement, but Nuit Debout has taken the largely discredited French [...]

‘Soon We Will Be Millions’: From Paris With Love And Lessons

By Marina Sitrin, -

By Marina Sitrin for ROAR Magazine - Thousands gather every evening in the Place de la République, and even more during the days and nights of the weekends. Assemblies are held every evening at [...]

Graeber: “La Nuit Debout Against Le Panama Partout”

By David Graeber, -

By David Graeber for Le Monde - What we have been seeing in the news, this week, with the juxtaposition of the Panama paper revelations, and the emergence of Nuit Debout in the streets of Paris [...]

Photos: Protesters Take To Streets Across Europe

By Roar Collective, -

By Roar Collective. In what may turn out to become a very hot spring, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in major European capitals to protest against their governments, call [...]

Nuit Debout Occupies In Revolutionary Call For Change

By Angelique Chrisafis, -

By Angelique Chrisafis for the Guardian. Nuit debout, which loosely means “rise up at night”, the protest movement is increasingly being likened to the Occupy initiative that mobilised hundreds [...]

Newsletter – Building Toward Political Revolution

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Of course, we also know the Panama Papers leak is about just one tax evasion firm, and not a major one. This is a small tip of a [...]

Nuit Debout: Citizens Are Back In The Squares In Paris

By Geoffrey Pleyers, -

By Geoffrey Pleyers for Open Democracy - Since Thursday, 31 March, thousands of people have gathered every evening at the ‘Place de la République’ in Paris to share their disillusionments with [...]

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