Rural Hospitals Can’t Find The Nurses They Need To Fight COVID

By Aallyah Wright, PEW Charitable Trusts. -

On any given day, Mary Ellen Pratt, CEO of St. James Parish Hospital in rural Lutcher, Louisiana, doesn’t know how she’s going to staff the 25-bed hospital she manages. With the continued [...]

Unions Take Up The Fight For Racial Justice

By Stephanie Luce, Organizing Upgrade. -

Labor organizations are taking up the fight for racial justice in many ways. They’re developing in-depth member education on racial capitalism. They’re using bargaining to address structural [...]

Nurses In Massachusetts Are Waging The Longest Current Strike In The US

By Nora De La Cour, Jacobin Magazine. -

After two months on the picket line, over seven hundred unionized nurses at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, are still out on strike. The walkout, which began on March 8, is [...]

“Those Of Us Who Don’t Die Are Going To Quit”

By J. David McSwane, Pro Publica. -

Nurse Kristen Cline was working a 12-hour shift in October at the Royal C. Johnson Veterans Memorial Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when a code blue rang through the halls. A patient in [...]

Nurse Fired During Fight For PPE Now Facing Board Of Nursing Investigation

By We Do The Work, Popular Resistance. -

Cliff Willmeng, the RN employed at Allina Health’s United Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota, who was fired during workplace struggles for frontline safety and patient care, received notification [...]

Athletes Get COVID-19 Tests While Nurses Are Refused Testing

By Kent Babb, Seattle Times. -

On her day off not long ago, emergency room nurse Jane Sandoval sat with her husband and watched her favorite NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers. She’s off every other Sunday, and even during the [...]

Nurse Survey Exposes Hospitals’ Failure To Prepare For Covid-19 Surge

By National Nurses United. -

National Nurses United’s new nationwide survey of more than 15,000 registered nurses reveals that 11 months into the pandemic, hospitals are failing to prepare for a surge of Covid-19 cases [...]

With COVID-19 Resurgence, Nurses Speak Out About Unsafe Conditions

By New York State Nurses Association. -

New York, NY— Nurses from Albany Medical Center gathered in front of the hospital to highlight conditions that may threaten nurse and patient safety, as the region prepares for a second surge of [...]

Two-Week Strike By Illinois Nurses In Danger

By Benjamin Mateus and Jerry White, WSWS. -

Joliet, IL - The two-week strike by 720 nurses at the AMITA St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois is at a critical juncture. The nurses, who walked out on July 4, are demanding [...]

Nurse Strike Wave Grows

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

As the country undergoes a severe surge of COVID cases, many hospitals are still short of PPE. Nurses across the country went on strike this week demanding these vital protections.  This week, [...]

Survey Of Nurses Proves Widespread Disregard For Nurse And Patient Safety

By National Nurses United. -

National Nurses United (NNU) released data from its new nationwide survey of nearly 23,000 nurses, revealing that dangerous health care workplace conditions have become the norm since COVID-19 [...]

COVID-19 Deaths Among Nurses: US 91, Canada 0. Why?

By Mark Gruenberg, People's World. -

There’s a yawning gap between the number of U.S. nurses the viral pandemic has killed so far in the U.S. and the number of Canadian nurses killed. The count as of May 11: U.S. 91, Canada, [...]

Row Upon Row Of Empty Shoes Outside White House

By Eoin Higgins, Comomndreams. -

National Nurses United held a vigil in front of President Donald Trump's White House on Thursday, a remembrance for 88 nurses—represented by solemn rows of empty whites shoes—who have died so far [...]

It’s Bigger Than Scrubs – My Termination From United Hospital ER

By Cliff Willmeng, RN, Popular Resistance. -

For months, working conditions, patient safety, public health, and the rights of union members have been degraded and placed at risk by Allina hospital administration’s policies, behavior, and [...]

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