Protest Against Exhibit For Being ‘Racism Disguised As Art’

By Skanda Kadirgamar, -

By Skanda Kadirgamar for Waging Nonviolence - Artist Omer Fast’s crass, stereotypical mock up of a business in pre-gentrified Chinatown has finally left New York City. His transformation of the [...]

Marijuana Arrest Capital, NYC Police Focus On Black People

By Phillip Smith, -

By Phillip Smith for AlterNet - Last month, the Drug Policy Alliance released a report noting that marijuana arrests under New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio continue to be marked by shocking [...]

Protest Against Trump’s Transgender Military Service Ban

By Hayley Miller, -

By Hayley Miller for The Huffington Post - New Yorkers came out in droves Wednesday to protest President Donald Trump’s seemingly sudden decision to ban transgender people from serving in the [...]

Launching Injustice Boycott In Standing Rock, San Francisco, And NYC

By Shaun King, -

By Shaun King for Medium - It’s an organized resistance, driven by local people and activists, supported by passionate believers all over the country and around the world. Just as the Montgomery [...]

Judge Calls For Additional Safeguards In NYPD Surveillance Rules

By Staff, -

BY Staff of ACLU - NEW YORK - In a legal challenge to the New York City Police Department’s surveillance of American Muslims, a federal judge issued a ruling calling for alterations to a landmark [...]

NYC Agrees To Pay Over $4 Million To Family Of Akai Gurley

By Andrew Emett, -

By Andrew Emett for Nation of Change - After an NYPD officer accidentally killed an innocent, unarmed man inside a dark housing project stairwell, the city and the New York City Housing Authority [...]

NYC: City Hall Park Occupied, Police Commissioner Resigns

By Staff, -

By Staff of Its Going Down - The war for black lives and the struggle against the police in NYC has taken a new direction with the advent of a militant occupation outside of City Hall. Even [...]

#ShutDownCityHallNYC: Protesters Seek To Oust NYPD Commissioner

By Staff, -

By Staff of RT - Protesters in New York City are hoping to force City Hall to shut down until the police commissioner is fired. Other demands include reparations for victims of police brutality [...]

NYC’s New Generation Of Militant Activists

By Vienna Rye, -

By Vienna Rye for Medium - Over the past year and a half, New York City has seen the growth of an organized, militant grassroots movement, lead by young activists of color and completely ignored [...]

Justice For Peter Liang Protest Ignores Justice For Akai Gurley

By Keegan Stephan, -

By Keegan Stephan for Keegan NYC - Today, thousands gathered in support of Peter Liang, the NYPD officer who shot and killed Akai Gurley, and was recently convicted of manslaughter and other [...]

NYC Shut It Down: Weekly Shut Down & Clothes For The Poor

By Keegan Stephan, -

By Keegan Stephan for Keegan NYC - On Wednesday, November 4th, before temperatures in NYC dropped to 4 degrees, and the mayor warned people to stay inside unless absolutely necessary, NYC Shut It [...]

NYC Spent $1 Million To Fire OWS Teacher And Failed

By Susan Edelman, -

By Susan Edelman for New York Post - The city has lost a four-year, $1 million battle to fire a teacher arrested in the Occupy Wall Street protests. David Suker, a US Army veteran who taught [...]

Black Lives Matter Protesters Commemorate Michael Brown In NYC

By Ashoka Jegroo, -

By Ashoka Jegroo in Waging Non-Violence - Hundreds of protesters hit the streets of New York City, along with cities across the United States and overseas, for multiple actions on August 9 in [...]

Eric Garner’s Death Remembered With A Week Of Actions

By Ashoka Jegroo, -

By Ashoka Jegroo in Waging Non-Violence - After a week of actions, Black Lives Matter activists in New York City are set to march today to commemorate Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who was [...]

Eric Garner Family Reaches Settlement Of $5.9 Million

By Kelly McLaughlin, -

By Kelly McLaughlin in The Daily Mail - As the family of Eric Garner awaits closure a year after the father-of-six's untimely death, the police officer who put the 43-year-old in a fatal [...]

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