Oakland School Board Votes To Remove Police From School

By Wilson Walker, CBS San Francisco. -

After about a two-hour debate the Oakland School Board tonight voted unanimously to eliminate the Oakland Unified School District Police Department from campuses. The “George Floyd Resolution” [...]

Oakland: Restraining Order Restricts Teargas, Flashbangs And Projectiles

On June 18, 2020, at 1 pm, an Oakland judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Order to Show Cause against the Oakland Police Department. The order was filed by civil rights attorneys [...]

Oakland: Councilmembers Seek Immediate Halt To Police Use Of Tear Gas

By Lisa Fernandez, KTVU. -

California - Three Oakland city councilmembers on Wednesday requested the immediate halt of tear gas being used for crowd control during the George Floyd protests in light of the coronavirus [...]

Privatizing Oakland Schools

By Eugene Stovall, Multi-Cultural Books -

Eli Broad is a liberal Democrat. He opposes Trump’s Muslim ban, immigration policies and withdrawal from the climate change treaty. In fact, like Democratic billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael [...]

Despite Community Protest, Militarized Police Remove Housing Rights Activists From Oakland Home In Pre-Dawn Raid

By Eoin Higgins, Commondreams.org -

Members of the advocacy group "Moms 4 Housing" were forceably evicted from a home they were occupying in Oakland early Tuesday morning by armored police, hours after community members turned out [...]

Homeless Mothers, Activists Take Over Vacant Oakland House

By Marisa Kendall, Mercurynews.com -

OAKLAND — Sick of struggling with homelessness under a system they say hasn’t helped them, two Oakland mothers took matters into their own hands Monday — by taking control of a vacant West [...]

Oakland Activists Pushing Efforts To Block Federal Militarization Of Local Police

By Mike Maharrey, Blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com -

OAKLAND, Calif. (Sept. 30, 2019) – Activists in Oakland have ramped up efforts to take a first step toward limiting the impact of federal programs that militarize local police. American Friends [...]

Second U.S. City Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms, Other Psychedelics

By Christian Britschgi, Reason.com -

Watching the rapid advance of mushroom decriminalization has been a trip. On Tuesday, the city council of Oakland, California voted to decriminalize the psychedelic fungus, citing the promise [...]

Why Is There No Strike Pay For Oakland Teachers?

By Jonathan Burleigh, Wsws.org -

The teachers on strike in Oakland, California, are fighting for increased funding to public education, to secure a living wage, and to put an end to the privatization of schools. The Oakland [...]

Growing Calls For Nation-Wide Struggle As Unions Work To Shut Down Oakland Teachers Strike

By Jospeh Stantolan, Wsws.org -

The strike by over 3,300 Oakland, California teachers begins its third day today. The struggle has won widespread support within the working class of Oakland and across the Bay Area. It is the [...]

Oakland Teachers Strike For Better Pay, Many Students Stay Away From Class

By Ali Tadayon, Eastbaytimes.com -

OAKLAND — Teachers demanding better pay started a strike Thursday that’s expected to continue Friday and possibly longer, forming picket lines at dozens of Oakland public schools, which few [...]

Arts Organizing Lifts Oakland Teachers Strike

By David Solnit, Commondreams.org -

Surrounded by a hundred teachers and supporters painting banners, screen printing fabric picket flags, and learning strike songs, Oakland teachers union president Keith Brown held a press [...]

Oakland Teachers Strike, Joining #RedforEd Movement On Picket Lines

By Candice Bernd, Truthout.org -

Today, teachers in Oakland, California, are joining their #RedforEd counterparts in Los Angeles and across the nation in striking for better working conditions and fully funded schools. The [...]

Nearly 3,000 Oakland Teachers Will Strike Thursday

By Staff, Nbcbayarea.com -

The union representing teachers in Oakland said Saturday that it will strike on Thursday Feb. 21, a day after a neutral fact-finding report was issued. At a news conference, Oakland Education [...]

Oakland Educators Authorize Strike

By Julian Peeples, Californiaeducator.org -

Oakland educators are ready to walk off the job and onto the picket line to fight for smaller class sizes, more student support and a living wage, following a strike authorization vote that saw a [...]

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