Occupy Objects Recall Passion Of Hong Kong Protests

By Vivienne Chow, www.scmp.com -

By Vivienne Chow in SCMP - An exhibition of iconic objects collected from the sites of last year's Occupy protests will open on Saturday, two days before the first anniversary of the start of the [...]

Hong Kong Charges Occupy Central Leaders W/ Offenses

By Wen Yuqing and Xin Lin, www.facebook.com -

By Wen Yuqing and Xin Lin in Radio Free Asia - The face of last year's pro-democracy Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, Joshua Wong, hit out on Thursday after being charged by police for his [...]

Activist Faces Charges Over Hong Kong ‘White Paper’ Protest

By Tony Cheung and Joyce Ng, www.scmp.com -

By Tony Cheung and Joyce Ng in SCMP - Student leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung and three other activists are set to be charged with obstructing police officers during a protest outside the central [...]

Taxi Driver Fined HK$3,000 For Refusing To Leave HK Occupy Site

By Chris Lau, www.scmp.com -

By Chris Lau in SCMP - An Occupy activist who previously told a court that he would not forgive himself if he moved was fined HK$3,000 in Eastern Court today for refusing to leave a road divider [...]

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolutionaries Slowly Back To The Streets

By Rishi Iyengar, www.time.com -

It has been 200 days since tens of thousands of Hong Kongers flooded the city’s streets demanding the right to freely elect their own leader, and 126 days since the police unceremoniously cleared [...]

Hong Kong Occupy Protest Leaders Arrested

By AFP, www.AFP.org -

The original founders of Hong Kong's pro-democracy Occupy movement were arrested and released Saturday as the city's police chief defended the investigation into mass protests, saying it was not [...]

Hong Kong Leader Cancels Town Hall Meetings On Occupy

By Tong Shi, www.bloomberg.com -

Hong Kong’s government canceled the chief executive’s town hall meetings for the first time over concerns about potential public unrest spurred by pro-democracy protests that ended last [...]

Benny Tai, Jimmy Lai & Joshua Wong Among 30 Occupy Arrest Targets

By Clifford Lo and Jeffie Lam, www.scmp.com -

More than 30 key figures of civil disobedience face prosecution after police initiated their first post-Occupy Central arrests yesterday over the mass sit-ins for democracy. At least four [...]

Occupy Hong Kong Protesters Attempt To Return

By Associated Press, www.theguardian.com -

Hong Kong police say they arrested 12 protesters who were blocking several roads in the Mong Kok neighborhood overnight on Wednesday as pro-democracy demonstrators returned to the site hundreds [...]

Hong Kong Protesters Evolve To Non-Cooperation Movement

By Joyce Ng and Samuel Chan, www.scmp.com -

Students and civic groups are launching a "non-cooperation movement" - urging people to delay paying their public-housing rent and to pay tax bills in small and symbolic amounts - as an offshoot [...]

What US Movements Can Learn From The Hong Kong Protests

By Ian Rowen, www.occupy.com -

They were not the words of a local student or activist, but of a visitor from Shanghai. As we talked by my tent in the encampment, we reflected that Hong Kong activists were fighting to exercise [...]

Occupy Protesters In Mong Kok Take To The ‘Shopping Tour’

By Samuel Chan, www.scmp.com -

Traffic may have returned to the Mong Kok protest zone, but last week's clearance of the encampment has given rise to a new form of protest known as the "shopping tour", with activists taking to [...]

Hong Kong Protests: Occupy Central Founders To Surrender To Police

By Fiona Law and Chester Yung, www.online.wsj.com -

Three founders of the pro-democracy protest group Occupy Central with Love and Peace called on students to end their occupation of city streets, but student leaders vowed to press on. The [...]

Hong Kong Protests Escalate With Increased Police Conflicts

By Danny Mok, Tony Cheung, Phila Siu and Shirley Zhao, www.scmp.com -

Students fought running battles with police outside government headquarters on Sunday night as Occupy protesters tried to storm the Admiralty compound and lay siege to Chief Executive Leung [...]

Tweeting About A Revolution

By Jamie Carter, www.scmp.com -

Social media thrives on divisive, polarising points of view, and that's not happening with OCLP. "The most mentioned topics of Occupy Central include 'Hong Kong', 'Hong Kong Police', [...]

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