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Occupy London

Police Told To Apologize For Treating Occupy London As ‘Extremists’

By RT - The City of London Police has been questioned by the Director of Legal Observers over its apparent classification of Occupy London protesters as ‘domestic extremists,’ which may have allowed GCHQ to monitor its activities. The director, Matthew Varnham, expressed his concerns to police following Occupy London’s inclusion in a presentation which showed the anti-banking elite protest group alongside extremist organizations including al-Qaeda and the Irish Republican Army (IRA). In a letter to the City Police Commissioner, Varnham called for a public apology. He further demanded police clarify whether they asked GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) to monitor the group. Occupy London is an anti-capitalist group launched in the wake of the financial crisis.

Rupert Murdoch Protested In London

Protesters from Occupy London are blockading the entrance to the News UK headquarters opposite the Shard. The participants have been peacefully protesting in the piazza between London Bridge Underground and the News Building all week, but moved to stage a sit-in protest outside the office in London Bridge Street this evening. Images shared on social media show police officers blocking the entrance to the headquarters with a large crowd of demonstrators in front of them. The crowd can be seen carrying megaphones, placards and banners. An event on the Occupy London Facebook page called ‘Occupy Rupert Murdoch’ described the protest as reaching a “peak” on Saturday, starting with a mass rally protest at 2pm.
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