Capitalist Catastrophism

By Kai Heron, ROAR Magazine. -

We are not really in capitalist realism anymore, that we have in fact been leaving it for quite some time and that the signs of what might replace it in our pandemic-ridden and rapidly warming [...]

Newsletter: After The Crash…

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The economic agenda described here would create a radical transformation of the economy from a top-down system designed for the [...]

Celebration Of 4th Anniversary Of Occupy, A Free Movie

By Dennis Trainor, Jr, -

By Dennis Trainor, Jr, for Acroynm TV - The first feature length documentary on the Occupy movement with a theatrical release is also a critically acclaimed work (reviews below). It is [...]

How Wall Street Used Government Forces to Crush Occupy

By gulfgal98, -

It has been over two years since the Occupy Movement was brutally destroyed by a coordinated national effort led by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Since that time, much [...]

Judge Rules In Occupy Pensacola Lawsuit

By Staff, -

Florida - After more than three years of litigation in the Occupy Pensacola v. City of Pensacola case, a federal judge has decided the case in favor of the city. Senior U.S. District Judge [...]

Holder Prosecuted Whistleblowers & Journalists, Not Bankers & Torturers

We urge President Obama to replace Holder with a public interest not a corporate lawyer; that will put the rule of law before corporate power. This appointment is an opportunity to shut the [...]

Three Years Later, What Has Come of Occupy Wall Street?

By John Wellington Ennis, -

This week marks the third anniversary of protesters descending on Wall Street to protest the havoc wrought by the 2008 Financial Meltdown, which had hit all Americans hard, except for the ones [...]

Occupy & The Climate March

By Patrick Robbins, -

Like Occupy Wall Street, the People’s Climate March has refused to issue a unified set of demands. It has, instead, favored “big tent” organizing. And like OWS, which took on the 1 percent’s [...]