Chris Hedges: Occupy And Building Power Now To Confront Autocracy

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

In his recent article, "America's Fate: Oligarchy or Autocracy," Chris Hedges writes that bankrupt liberals have sold out to the oligarchic class to try to prevent an autocracy from rising but [...]

Ten Years After Occupy Wall Street, Its Real Legacy Is Anarchism In Practice

By It's Going Down. -

Lenapehoking, Turtle Island (also known as New York City) – Since its demise in the Fall of 2012, various individuals, websites, social media accounts, and politicians have tried to claim the [...]

Occupy Wall Street Trained A Generation In Class War

By Arun Gupta, In These Times. -

When Occupy Wall Street was evicted from its home base in Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011, by the NYPD in a paramilitary-style operation under cover of the night with a press blackout, the [...]

Remembering David Graeber

By Grace Blakeley, The Tribune. -

David Graeber, who died tragically last week at the age of 59, was, as everyone knows, an anarchist. He didn’t like to wear it as an identity, as should be very obvious from his Twitter bio (‘I [...]

Occupy Wall Street In The Age Of Trump

By Levar Alonzo, -

By Levar Alonzo for Downtown Express. New York City - It has been six years since the movement calling itself Occupy Wall Street took over Downtown’s Zuccotti Park for a weeks-long demonstration [...]

Casting Call: Original Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Occupiers

By Jerry Ashton, -

By Jerry Ashton for The Huffington Post - Imagine, if five years after penning the declaration of Independence the original signers were to meet back in Philadelphia to recreate that moment? Or, [...]

Where Will The Next Social Movement Come From?

By Tom Engelhardt, -

By Tom Engelhardt for Tom Dispatch. Much of our future is reliably unpredictable, and what more so than the moments when mass movements suddenly break out and sweep across our world? Who [...]

Growing Dissent: The Coming Year Of Protest

By Derek Royden, -

By Derek Royden for Occupy - It was February of 1848 when what came to be called “The Spring of Nations” and “The Year of Revolution” began. The first revolt was in France, then the unrest spread [...]

Mic Check! Bernie Sanders Swallows Occupy’s Microphone

By Marisa Holmes, -

By Marisa Holmes for International Times - There are still barricades around Liberty Square. More than four years after the eviction, New York City and Brookfield Office Properties, the owners of [...]

Two OWSers Awarded $52,000 For Arrest

By John Marzulli, -

By John Marzulli for Daily News - A pair of Occupy Wall Street jerks who sued the city after getting arrested for flipping off NYPD cops are a little closer to joining the one-percenters. The [...]

NYC Spent $1 Million To Fire OWS Teacher And Failed

By Susan Edelman, -

By Susan Edelman for New York Post - The city has lost a four-year, $1 million battle to fire a teacher arrested in the Occupy Wall Street protests. David Suker, a US Army veteran who taught [...]

An Occupy Wall Street Founder, Provides Advice To Student Protesters

By Micah White, -

By Micah White for Quartz - As one of the original co-creators of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I’ve watched student protests sweep across campuses in Cape Town, Missouri, London and Los [...]

Life For The 1% Has Gotten Worse Since Occupy

By Jana Kasperkevic, -

By Jana Kasperkevic for The Guardian - It’s a rainy Wednesday morning and Clay Cockrell is sitting in his office at Columbus Circle across the street from 1 Central Park West, which houses Trump [...]

Police Crackdown On Movement Cost NY $1.5 Million Over 4 Years

By Aaron Morrison, -

By Aaron Morrison in International Business Times - Paul Manheim strained Thursday to elicit excitement for a special occasion in Manhattan’s busy Financial District. “It’s our fourth birthday,” [...]

Message Of Occupy Still Occupies The Public Dialogue

By Staff, -

Staff for Popular Resistance - Anya Parampil of RT America covers the Occupy encampments history and legacy on the 4th anniversary of the movement. She describes how occupy grew from a small part [...]

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