This Is What Democracy Looks Like: The People’s Hearing On Offshore Drilling

By Steve Ahlquist, -

DeChristopher was speaking near the center of the Providence Marriott Downtown’s Grand Ballroom where the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) was holding a “science fair” type event to reach [...]

California Regulations May Hinder Trump Effort To Renew Offshore Drilling

By Ellen Knickmeyer, -

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In the decades since a 1969 oil spill near Santa Barbara tarred sea-life and gave rise to the U.S. environmental movement, politicians and environmental activists have built [...]

Feds: Oil & Gas Surveys In Gulf Of Mexico Harm Marine Mammals

By EarthJustice, -

By EarthJustice. WASHINGTON - The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has released a draft environmental impact statement that concludes seismic surveys for oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of [...]

Gulf Oil Leases Spark Outcry But Little Revenue

By Staff, -

By Staff for Living on Earth. There's no question that the oil industry has some real economic problems facing it. They've got infrastructure out in the gulf that is absolutely falling apart. [...]

Flood-Ravaged Gulf Coast Residents Ask President Obama…

By Julie Dermansky, -

By Julie Dermansky for Desmog - During President Obama’s visit to a flood-ravaged area near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this week, a group of environmental activists delivered a petition to the [...]

Wake Of Shell’s Gulf Oil Spill, Protesters Demand Ban

By Mike Ludwig, -

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout - As Shell Oil and the US Coast Guard continued to clean up a large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, about 1,300 protesters from across North America marched [...]

NC Town Called ‘Ground Zero’ In Offshore Drilling Fight

By Sue Sturgis, -

By Sue Sturgis for The Institute for Changing Studies - Two years ago this month, more than 300 residents of Kure Beach, North Carolina (pop. 2,000), packed town hall to voice their anger with [...]

What Atlantic Coast Should Brace For With Offshore Drilling

By Wilma Subra, -

A network of pipelines [is] required to connect the rigs to the mainland for the transportation of oil and gas resources and in some cases, waste products. The pipelines disrupt the sea bottom [...]