Environmentalists Slam White House For Brushing Off IPCC Report

By Walker Bragman, The Daily Poster. -

President Joe Biden has been touring climate-ravaged areas of America, warning that climate change is a “code red” emergency for the planet. And yet, his administration has continued to boost [...]

Indigenous Organizers Halted Plans For Oil Drilling In The Amazon

By Kimberley Brown, Nationofchange.org -

Rosa Elvira Chuji Gualingai, 50, came to the city to pressure the government. Watching the traffic outside her office window, she says, “I can’t get used to this lifestyle.” The indigenous [...]

Mi’kmaq Chiefs Voice Concern Over BP Drilling Off Nova Scotia Coast

By Alex Cooke, Thestar.com -

HALIFAX—First Nations and environmental activists say they’re “extremely concerned” after drilling fluids were spilled off the coast of Nova Scotia during a BP Canada oil exploration project. The [...]

Activists Hijack Annual Meeting Of Oil Company

By Mark Sweney, Theguardian.com -

More than 250 Greenpeace activists hijacked Total’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Paris to protest at the oil company’s plans to drill in the mouth of the Amazon and French Guiana. Four [...]

Gas Wells Not Allowed On Land Zoned For Homes Or Farms, High Court Rules

By Don Hopey, Post-gazette.com -

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided Friday that drilling and operating multiple Marcellus Shale gas wells in a section of Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, that is zoned for residential and [...]

More Seeds For Transformation Planted This Week

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, PopularResistance.org -

The Trump Administration continues to plant more seeds for the coming era of transformation that we have written about in recent newsletters, Preparing for the Coming Age of Transformation and [...]