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Oil Export

72-Year-Old Fisher Hunger Strikes For Crude Oil Export Ban

Texas - Seventy-two-year-old, fourth-generation retired shrimper Diane Wilson has been without food for 16 days. Her 1995 red Chevy, nicknamed “Rosie,” has become a mobile campsite, and each morning she posts up on a causeway at the waterfront of Texas’ Lavaca Bay, expending just enough energy to switch out a sign displaying the number of days she’s been on hunger strike and drape a banner off the side of the truck blaring the message: “STOP THE DREDGING. STOP OIL EXPORT.” She hopes her hunger strike will draw enough attention to pressure the Biden administration stop Houston-based oil and gas firm Max Midstream’s plans to invest $360 million to deepen and widen the Matagorda Ship Channel by 2023.

Defying US Sanctions, Iran Tanker To Deliver Fuel To Venezuela

A fuel tanker loaded at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas is making its way to Venezuela, according to vessel tracking data issued by Refinitiv Icon, in defiance of the US-imposed sanctions on both countries, including on their respective oil industries. Venezuela, which is already in a crisis, is currently suffering from a shortage of gasoline. The Iranian-flagged tanker “Clafel” reportedly crossed the Suez Canal yesterday, having been loaded with fuel in Iran at the end of March. The Venezuelan-owned PDVSA oil company and the country’s Ministry of Oil did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment, nor has the US State Department. Haaretz also reports that four other vessels of the same size, each flagged by Iran and originating from the same port, are due to cross the Atlantic Ocean, with their final destinations not established.

Exxon, Qatar Petroleum Get OK To Export U.S. Fracked Gas

By Steve Horn for Desmog Blog - Just days before Christmas, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave ExxonMobil a gift: a permit to export natural gas from its Golden Pass LNG (liquefied natural gas) facility located in Sabine Pass, Texas. Dubbed Golden Pass Products, the expansion of this LNG facility to export gas is a joint venture between Exxon (30 percent stake) and Qatar Petroleum (70 percent stake), the state-owned oil company. Golden Pass LNG is now the fourth LNG export facility, and third situated along the Gulf of Mexico, approved under the Obama administration.

Portland Pipe Line Corp Sues Over Ban On Crude Exports

By Kelley Bouchard for Portland Press Herald. Portland, ME - The future of the Portland Pipe Line Corp. will be in jeopardy if it’s not allowed to reverse the flow of its pipeline to bring tar sands oil from Canada to its marine terminal in South Portland, lawyers for the company argued Thursday in U.S. District Court in Portland. The company is challenging South Portland’s controversial Clear Skies ordinance,passed by the City Council in July 2014, which banned the loading of crude oil into tankers on the city’s waterfront and effectively blocked the company from reversing the flow of its South Portland-to-Montreal pipeline. Attorneys for South Portland questioned why the company still hasn’t submitted any plans or sought any of the permits needed to reverse the pipeline’s flow. “They haven’t taken any steps to actually do what they claim they want to do,” said Jonathan Ettinger, a lawyer with Foley Hoag in Boston. “If they’re not taking steps, (the claim of urgency) is hollow.” Ettinger said global market conditions – not the city’s ordinance – are the source of the company’s hardships.
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